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Carport vs. Garage: Deciding Which Is Right for Your Needs

vehicle covered by a red metal carport

You’ve decided to add a new metal structure to your property, and it’s down to a carport vs. a garage. Which do you choose?

Carports and garages both have their pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other overall: It’s just about which one is more suited to your needs. If you’re unsure which of these two metal building options is the right choice for you, consider the differences between them before making your final decision. If you have any questions or still aren’t sure what type of structure would best meet your needs, contact us: We’d be glad to help.

Are a Carport and a Garage the Same?

Carports and garages have a similar purpose, but they’re not the same. The most basic difference is that a garage has walls, while a carport may not. Carports are open-sided structures that are more economical, but fully enclosed garages can provide better cover for any items you’re looking to store inside. Garages can be a better-looking addition to your home, but they may require building permits that a carport won’t.

metal garage with two garage doors, a walk-in door, and black trim

Aesthetic Appeal

Many people like to consider the appearance of their home when deciding between a carport or a garage. While carports still provide excellent cover for the vehicles and/or equipment you’re storing beneath them, it’s easier to design a garage that fits more in line with your home’s style. With a garage, you can make sure that the walls and trim match the colors of your home to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. On the other hand, a carport is an open-air structure; you can still match the roof to your home’s aesthetic, but it doesn’t have walls or trim.


When you’re deciding on a carport vs. a garage, the cost is definitely one of the biggest factors to consider. On average, carports cost significantly less, since they require less material to construct than a garage. If the price point of your new metal building is a point of contention, you may want to lean more toward a carport. But when you shop with Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can rest assured that no matter which structure you choose, we’ll work hard to help you get the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality.

Shelter and Security

Due to the more enclosed nature of garages, they are a better choice for protecting any equipment or vehicles stored within. Garage walls provide more protection from natural elements such as snow, wind, and rain. You can also lock up a garage, keeping your property safe from theft.


Carports are usually much easier to install than garages. They’re far more lightweight and can usually be erected and secured within just a few hours. Garages can be a bit more complicated to build. Of course, when you buy any type of metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet, this won’t be a factor because you can get free delivery and installation. There’s no need to worry yourself about the construction of your metal building; we’ll handle it for you! But if you prefer to build your new metal structure yourself, our products are also available as easy-to-assemble prefab kits.


Whenever you add a new structure to your property, it’s a good idea to check with your local planning department to find out whether or not you need any permits. The answer will differ depending on where you live. It’s more likely that you’ll need a permit to add a full garage, but it’s also possible that you’ll need one for a carport as well. Check with your local government officials before deciding on one building over the other, as this could end up influencing your decision.

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