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Create A Backyard Oasis For Your Pooch!


If you have a dog that spends a lot of time in the backyard, you may want to make some changes to create a space that it will love. Today, there are plenty of unique items that can keep dogs busy as they spend their days roaming your backyard. Discover some items that can transform your backyard into an oasis for dogs.

An Enviable Doghouse

We’ve all seen the basic doghouse with an A-frame roof and one opening in the front. But have you ever thought of getting a doghouse with a little more flair? One fun idea is a large wooden doghouse with three or four steps that lead up to a deck above the house. After taking a nap inside the doghouse, your canine can wander up the steps to check out what’s happening around the backyard. If you don’t want to purchase a new doghouse, you can make adjustments to one with a basic design. Using a saw, cut a door in the back wall of the doghouse. Then, fasten a piece of fabric over the opening to make a flap door. I suggest cutting up a sturdy old blanket for this. Now, the dog has two doors to use and can enjoy a cross-breeze flowing through its house.

A Place to Cool Off

Labrador retrievers, spaniels, German shepherds, and terriers are just a few breeds of dogs that love to be in the water. In the warm-weather months, fill a child’s plastic swimming pool and put it in the backyard for your dog to play in. The amount of water you put into the pool depends on the size of your dog. The dog may get into the pool and roll around in the water or just wade through it. Of course, there are some dogs that will use the pool as a gigantic water bowl. Be sure to supervise any small children who may be playing near the dog’s pool.

Getting a Drink and a Bite to Eat

In an average backyard, you may find two simple bowls to supply the family dog with food and water. However, if you are creating a paradise for dogs, you need to go a few steps further. Check out a pet fountain for your dog. These are fountains with circulating water filtered and ready for your pooch to drink. They come in all sizes and designs to keep your dog refreshed throughout the day. Also, in place of a basic dog bowl, you can get a dog food dispenser for the backyard. These durable dispensers supply a dog with a reasonable amount of food and can save you the trouble of cleaning and filling a bowl each day.

Ground to Dig In

Some dogs love to dig. If you have a dog like this, try preparing an area with soft dirt that is perfect for digging. Maybe you could choose a place in the shade near your garden shed. Invite your dog to dig there by burying a bone in the dirt or spreading its toys around the area. You could put your dog’s favorite chew rag, a rope bone, a tennis ball, and a Frisbee on top of the dirt. If your dog is a digger, it will love spending hours exploring its own little patch of ground in the backyard.

When planning a backyard oasis, keep your dog’s size, age, and activity level in mind. You’re sure to come up with some more ideas that will get your dog’s tail wagging. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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