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Creating the Perfect Potting Shed

Potting sheds are becoming an extremely popular addition to the average backyard. Gardener’s, both beginner’s and advanced, are using them to store their gardening tools, seeds, containers, and plants. The potting shed both in size and design is described as a halfway point between a shed and a greenhouse. Most have windows to allow sunlight for the plants inside as well, similar to a greenhouse.

Location is Key

The first step in creating the perfect potting shed is finding the best location in your yard for it. Lighting is a key factor when picking the right location. Potting sheds that face the south will be more successful as the shed will receive more light from the sun. The balance is to find a place that not in direct sunlight and in a little bit of shade. However, it is important not to have it completely in shade as that will cause the potting shed to become damp. The shed should also be located somewhere convenient in your yard. For example, if you are planting a vegetable and fruit garden the best spot for your shed would be between the garden and your kitchen as that’s where you will be handling the plants the most. Some uneven yards may require some landscaping to make a sturdy and flat surface for the shed to be built.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

To build a potting shed you can either choose from a self-assembly kit or create a design yourself. Either way, you will need to make some choices regarding the materials you build it with. Some of the most common and affordable materials are pine and hemlock because they are considered softwoods. If you are looking to get into the more durable and decay resistant materials you can choose from things like red cedar, oak, or birch. If you decide to add windows to your potting shed, there are also somethings to consider. Most importantly, choose a window that opens to provide ventilation for the plants and soil that are stored inside. Your window should also be made with UV resistant material to avoid the color from fading.

Size Matters

Potting sheds can vary in size from a small storage space with shelves to a larger building with storage and enough space to work out of. The average size of a potting shed is around 10ft by 8ft which gives you enough room for storage, shelves, and even a potting bench if desired. Some potting sheds also have an overhand off the side to hang plants from. This is something to consider when planning the size as well.

Start Building

For a standard potting shed, you will begin with four posts grounded in cement, four walls and a floor that are able to be boarded. You will also need windows, a door or two, and a roof made up of plywood, felt shingles, or metal. It is a relatively simple task for a do it yourself person, but if you dare to get technical with outlets and lights you may need to hire an electrician to complete the project. If this seems like too difficult of a project for you there are self-assembly kits and made to order ones for purchase as well.

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