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Building a Carport: How to Protect Your Property With Our Help

Building a carport like this green single-car model with enclosed sides is easier when you let our pros do it for you

Looking for reliable shelter for your vehicle(s)? If you don’t feel confident in your ability to build a carport, online shopping can provide an easy solution. Our sturdy metal carports can protect vehicles from rain, snow, ice, hail, and even intense sunlight, though there are many other excellent reasons for building a carport, too. If you don’t know how to build a carport, we can install the structure for you for free, but if you’d rather do it yourself, our carport kits make it much easier.

Can You Build a Carport Yourself?

Yes, we’ve made it simple to assemble a carport yourself. Once you place an order for your carport, we’ll deliver it to you and install it for free. But what if you’re someone who really loves to build? Carport kits are available for sale from Alan’s Factory Outlet, too, making the process much simpler for someone who wants to build their own carport. It’s a great compromise between building a carport from scratch and doing a bit of DIY work. When you choose to build your own carport, we’ll deliver the kit to you and let you handle the rest. Making a carport is simple with these kits, which contain pre-cut pieces and detailed instructions to make assembly a snap. Keep in mind that there’s no 30-day craftsmanship warranty on a carport that you build; carport owners who assemble their own structure can save five percent off the cost of their purchase, though.

Considerations Before Building a Carport

Do you want to shelter one pickup truck, as shown here, or do you need a bigger structure?

What Size and Style Is Best for Your Needs?

If you’re building a carport, how you want to use it will determine the size and style you choose. Most people want a carport to shelter their car or truck, so you’ll need one at least as big as your vehicle. But who says that building a carport is just for sheltering cars and trucks? At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we can build a carport on your property that provides shelter for your RV or boat, too. Perhaps you have farm equipment such as a tractor, a horse trailer, or other large items that need protection from the elements. We have triple-wide carports that can accommodate several vehicles or pieces of equipment at once.

Carports are good for lots of other uses, too. You could decorate your carport for an outdoor gathering with friends, so the party can go on even if it starts to rain. In addition, a carport is a great place to sit and read, listen to music, or just enjoy the warm afternoon breezes in the shade. Think about how to make your own carport unique and comfortable: You can buy some inexpensive, comfortable outdoor furniture for the space or get creative and make your own pallet chairs. It won’t take long for you to make your carport into a getaway that’s not too far from home!

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Carport?

The cost to build a carport like this large, partially enclosed green one will be higher than that for a simple one-car shelter

The cost of a metal carport can range between $2,295 and $5,795. Prices vary depending on the style of roof you choose: regular, boxed-eave, or vertical. The size of the building will also affect the price. Check our price chart for specific pricing details.

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Carport?

When people research the question, “How do you build a carport?” they often forget this important step. You may need a permit to build a carport on your property. The relevant laws will be different based on your county and region, so check with your local zoning office before you start building.

Does a Carport Need a Foundation?

Yes, carports need a foundation to provide stability for the structure and an even surface that’s easy to maintain. Most foundations are made of concrete, but some choose to save money by using a gravel foundation. Gravel shifts and creates trenches over time, but it can be easily leveled out again.

How to Build a Carport

Build your own carport from one of our kits, or use our online tool to build a carport like this red one and let us assemble it on site for you

Our expert installers would be happy to build your carport for you at no cost, but if you’d rather take on the task of putting it up yourself, here’s a basic idea of how to do it:

  1. Mark the perimeter of your new carport by driving pegs into the ground at the corners, then tying string between them.
  2. Check the angles of the string at the corners to be sure that your sides are square, and make adjustments as needed.
  3. If you choose to pour a concrete slab, dig out your rectangle and do so. Once it’s dry, you’ll be able to anchor your carport to the slab using concrete anchors. If you’d rather anchor your carport directly to the ground, you can do that as well; just make sure that the ground is solid and level.
  4. Lay out the base rails on your slab or your prepared ground. Join them together as indicated in the instructions that came with your carport kit.
  5. Position your base rails, and make sure that they are square.
  6. Screw the joints together on top of the base rails. Then, anchor the base rails into the concrete using anchor bolts or into the ground using the appropriate ground anchors.
  7. Assemble one peak, two side posts, two rafters, and two height extensions, if needed. Repeat this process to create the second end frame for your carport.
  8. Assemble the rest of the parts the same way to create the interior framing. Add trusses as provided in your carport kit.
  9. Starting at one end of the your base rail, place one of your end frame assemblies (the ones without trusses) on the vertical pins of the first base rail and screw in place. Repeat with the interior frames, finishing with the other un-trussed frame at the opposite end.
  10. Check to make sure everything is plumb.
  11. Install the sheet metal panels on the roof and, if provided, on the sides, starting at the peak and working your way down.
  12. Install the trim.

Please keep in mind there are no instructions if you install the carport yourself.

Does Adding a Carport Increase Home Value?

Yes, a carport can increase the value of your home, especially when you take the time to select one that complements the look of your home. When you purchase a carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can choose a boxed-eave, vertical, or regular-style roof for the structure, and you can also pick from a variety of colors to coordinate with your home.

If you want to build a carport, online ordering with us is a simple and efficient solution. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we make it convenient for you to place your order online 24/7, and we offer free delivery and installation in many states. Call now to discuss plans for your new carport with our knowledgeable staff.

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