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8 Ways To Utilize A Carport That Doesn’t Involve A Car

metal carport on gravel

Everybody knows a carport is a great place to put your car to keep it out of the rain and snow. But that’s not all it’s good for! In fact, there are plenty of ways to use your carport that don’t involve a car or a truck. Consider some creative new ways to use your carport.

  1. Space for a Party! Just think of it: You’re hosting a birthday party for a child or grandchild when it starts to rain. Is the party canceled? No way. Set up your chairs, tables, refreshments, games, and more under your carport. It serves as convenient shelter for picnics, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, or any other occasion that calls for a party.
  2. A New Home for Your Bicycles, Lawnmower, and More. Maybe you have a car or two taking up a lot of room in your garage. If so, your carport is an excellent place to store bicycles, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, motorcycles, and other items that won’t fit in the garage but still need protection from the elements.
  3. A Poolside Retreat. If you have an in-ground or above-ground pool in your backyard, a nearby carport would serve as an excellent place for family members and friends to keep an eye on young swimmers. You could place some lawn chairs, a chaise lounge, and a table beneath the carport for people who want to sit outside. Don’t forget to bring out a cooler full of delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy! This is a great place to put rafts, inner tubes, and pool noodles as well.
  4. An Environmentally Friendly Structure. Put solar panels on your carport to instantly turn it into a source of green power. If you have an electric car, you can charge it using solar power drawn in by your carport roof.
  5. An Outdoor Retreat. During the warm weather months, you can turn your carport into your private outdoor retreat. Put a small sofa and chairs in your carport to relax on. Bring a radio out so you can listen to the baseball game or bring out your laptop to watch a DVD. No outdoor retreat is complete without a table for snacks. If you have a nearby electrical outlet, you can move a small refrigerator out to your carport for cold drinks. I like the thought of sitting in a comfortable chair and enjoying the breeze while staying out of the sun; don’t you?
  6. Storage for Agricultural Equipment. Carports come in many sizes with a variety of roof styles. If you have a farm with tractors, an ATV, and a livestock trailer along with other similar types of equipment, you can use your carport as safe storage space.
  7. An Outdoor Home for a Pet in the Summertime. If you have a dog that likes to stay outside during the warm weather months, a carport can provide sturdy shelter. Put a soft dog bed as well as your dog’s food and water bowls under the carport. Be sure to bring your dog inside when the weather turns cold.
  8. A Clubhouse for the Kids. Forget the traditional tree house. Your kids or grandkids can use your carport to meet, chat, laugh and have some fun. You can get an inexpensive area rug for the flooring as well as some soft chairs for them to sit in. The kids can hang some posters from the posts of the carport to give it a more personal touch!

Ready to give your carport a fresh look and a new purpose? Have fun, and thanks for reading. – Alan

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