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The 7 Garage Hacks That You Need


Do you want to organize your garage so you can find what you need when you need it? I have some hacks that can help! These are small changes that can start you on the road to creating a new system of organization in your garage. Enjoy!

The Seven Garage Hacks That You Need

  1. A Storage System Using Bungee Cords: This is a simple way to store basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs so they’ll be secure yet easily accessible to family members. The bungee storage system requires four bungee cords, each measuring about 32 to 40 inches long. Attach one end of a bungee cord to a low wooden shelf or ledge in your garage. Clip the other end to a high shelf, making sure that the cord is taut. Repeat this process with the other three cords, leaving several inches of space between them. The object is to arrange the cords so the balls won’t slip out of the storage space.
  2. Garbage Bag Storage With a Twist: Do you have an old paper towel rack you aren’t using anymore? If so, try attaching it to a wall in your garage. But instead of putting paper towels on it, put a roll of garbage bags on the rack. Whenever you need a garbage bag, simply tear the next one off of its neat roll.
  3. Car Door Protection: If you have a habit of opening your car door too fast, only to have it bang into the garage wall, you may want to look into this next hack. First, open up your box of pool toys and find a foam pool noodle. Then, stretch it horizontally across the wall and attach it with nails. The pool noodle will protect the paint job on your car door the next time you open it too quickly inside the garage.
  4. Nail Storage With Plastic Jars: Finding a particular type of nail in a tool drawer or toolbox can be frustrating. If you want to organize your nails, screws, washers, and other small items, try putting them in clear plastic jars with lids that fit into a pegboard. That way, you can see what you have at a glance and access each jar in a matter of seconds. Of course, I suggest you use the remaining space on your pegboard for storing hammers, screwdrivers, tape, and more.
  5. Rags in a Basket: Most people have a collection of rags they use while completing various tasks in their garage. You can make a handy dispenser for them by cutting a hole in the bottom of an old plastic laundry basket. Nail the basket against the wall or hang it on a hook so you can pull the next clean rag through the hole in the bottom.
  6. Wrench Storage: If you want a creative way to organize a set of wrenches, try putting up a belt rack on one wall of your garage. You can find cheap closet belt racks at discount stores, or maybe you have one you’re not using. Hang a wrench on each prong of the belt rack so you can see all of your wrenches at a glance. I like being able to choose a wrench quickly so I can focus on my latest project.
  7. Recycle a Wooden Pallet for Storage: If your brooms and rakes are falling over in one corner of your garage, try attaching an old wooden pallet to one garage wall. You can store brooms, rakes, and shovels inside it to keep them organized and ready for use!

These are just a few things you can do to make your garage a nicer place to be! Thanks for reading. – Alan

About the Author

Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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