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Declutter Your Garage With These Storage Hacks

Are you making the most of the space in your garage? Maybe every item in your garage is in its proper place and you have plenty of room to park your car inside, but maybe you find yourself avoiding going out to your garage because of all the clutter and the lack of free space. Chances are good that the state of your garage falls somewhere in between those two scenarios. Today, I have some easy ways you can organize your garage and free up space so you’ll have plenty of room to get your car back under a roof when winter comes.

Use a Magnetic Strip to Store Your Tools

Install a magnetic strip on a wall of your garage or shed: Screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, pliers, and hammers are just a few of the thing you could store on it. The best thing about this storage method is that you’ll have your tools right in front of you and within reach anytime you need them.

Set Up Wall Storage for Your Bicycles

Bicycles take up a lot of space in a garage, especially if you have two kids’ bikes, a dirt bike, and a couple of ten-speeds. So why not hang them on the walls of your garage? There are racks you can buy and install on your walls. Usually, a bike is stored by hanging it by its front wheel, but other racks allow you to hang your bike in an upright position. Some racks can support three or four children’s bikes. You’ll be surprised at how much this method frees up floor space!

Store Seasonal Items in Overhead Bins

Having a load of deflated rafts, inner tubes, pool noodles, and swimming goggles thrown into one corner can really take up space. In the fall, when it’s time to put the pool items away, put them in plastic bins with lids and store them overhead. I think an overhead storage shelf is the perfect place to put these seasonal items along with holiday decorations so they are secure and out of the way when you don’t need them.

Make a Rolling Storage Cart for Sports Equipment

Basketballs, baseball bats, baseballs, and hockey sticks are just a few pieces of sports equipment you may have in your garage. A rolling storage cart is an excellent solution if you want to keep all of your sports items in one place and be able to move them outside whenever you need to. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to load sports equipment into your car?

Label the Cabinets and Drawers in Your Garage

You probably have at least a few cabinets and drawers in your garage. Make it easier to find what you’re looking for in them by adding some handwritten labels or using your computer to print some out. Maybe you should label the drawer where all of your work gloves are kept, or maybe you need labels for the cabinets containing car care products, bird seed, and items used for bicycle repairs. Labels can allow you to see where all of your items are at a glance, and family members and friends who are looking for things in your garage will be able to find them and put them back in the right place without an issue.

If you haven’t done any cleaning or organizing in your garage for a long while, I suggest you divide the work into small portions. For instance, one day, you can make your labels, and another day, you can organize three cabinets. Going about the work in this way makes it less overwhelming.

Happy organizing, and thanks for reading. – Alan

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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