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Turn Your Shed Into A Tiny House


Does your garden shed ever remind you of a tiny house? It has a door, maybe a window or two, and you may even have a tiny front porch. Well, it’s possible to make your shed into a comfortable place to get away from the busy pace of life for a while. Check out the details on a few simple items that can transform your garden shed into a tiny home away from home.

A Futon

Put a small futon in your shed and you have a great place to nap as well as somewhere for visitors to sit. Try looking for a used futon at a secondhand furniture shop or a discount furniture store. Futons are available in a variety of colors and are fairly lightweight. For extra comfort, you can choose some throw pillows to place on your futon.

Director’s Chairs

Director’s chairs are perfect for a shed that doubles as a tiny house. The fabric of these chairs is comfortable, and they are available in different heights. If you want to make more open space in your shed, you can fold up these chairs and lean them against the wall. They are sold in all sorts of bright colors that can dress up the interior of your tiny house.

A Folding Card Table

A folding card table is a practical addition to your tiny house because it can be set up anytime you want to enjoy a snack, do some paperwork, or play a board game with friends. A card table is lightweight and easy to keep clean. You can even throw an inexpensive tablecloth over it if you want to dress up the place a little bit. This type of table pairs well with three or four small director’s chairs.

A Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is an essential item for your tiny house if you want to keep some cold refreshments on hand. Of course, you need to have a power source in your shed if you want to set up a mini fridge. If you don’t want to arrange for a power source, you could keep some cold items in a moveable cooler. You’d need to fill it with enough ice to last for the number of hours you plan to spend in your tiny house.

A Small Area Rug and Curtains

Get an inexpensive rug at a discount furniture store to throw down on the floor of your shed. With a rug, you can step out of your shoes and walk around in your socks or even barefoot. This is really going to make your shed feel like a home away from home! A lightweight, durable rug is easy to maintain and can add some color to your decor. Plus, a pair of well-made curtains can provide you with privacy and keep the sunlight out of your tiny house if you want to grab a nap.

Artwork for the Walls

Hanging artwork on the walls of your tiny house is one way to make the place more home-like. One idea is to frame some of your children’s artwork to hang on a wall. There are plenty of inexpensive frames available at dollar stores and secondhand furniture shops. This unique artwork will fit right into your non-traditional living space.

Have a great time setting up a tiny house that will become the perfect place to collect your thoughts, visit with friends or catch a few Z’s. Thanks for reading! – Alan

About the Author

Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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