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The vertical roof style is the strongest roof style available as the panels are in a vertical orientation.
Select a size below to customize color, doors, and windows.

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The scheduler will call one week prior to delivery to scheduler the delivery of the carport. The steel carports are only installed Monday through Friday. The smaller size steel carports can be installed within a couple of hours while the larger sizes regular carports will be setup within about a half of a day.

The payment options when ordering a vertical carport for sale is Visa, Discover and MasterCard and personal check is also another payment option. The deposit amount when you order is 10% to 17% depending on the size of the carport you order. If paying with credit card online your credit card will processed 10% to 17% only after you get a chance to approve the order with the remaining balance being paid after the carport is setup. The balance can be paid with a personal check you hand to the installers or by paying it with a credit card whichever is best for you.

We will anchor the carport to the ground, concrete or asphalt for free. One thing we do require is that you have a level area to setup the carport or at least no more than 3 to 4 inches out of level. A popular questions asked is what is the difference between the vertical roof carport and the boxed eave carport because they look the same. The vertical carport is the only style carport where the roof sheeting goes up and down to help the rain or snow slide off of the roof where on the boxed eave style the roof sheeting goes the length of the carport. The vertical is the strongest of all of the styles of carports one reason for this is the only way to attach the roof sheeting up and down is to attach cross braces under the roof which helps make it stronger. There is a 6″ overhang on the sides and the front and back end. The base dimension for example on the 12×21 vertical carport is 12×20. The reason for this is the 6″ front and back end overhang is included in the length of the carport size listed. So the base dimension if your looking to put a concrete slab down is always 1′ less than the length listed on the size you order.

Estimated Delivery Time for Carports and Metal Garages

Orders $7,200 and more:

  • 99% of Orders are Delivered within 90 to 180 days
  • 1% of Orders are Delivered within 180 days or More

Orders Under $7,200 Pick up only

Please keep in mind the above estimated time frame is not a guarantee and simply forecasted based on current trends. Additionally, during winter months there is a greater chance of exceeding the above delivery times due to common winter storms in many locations.

Special Note For Orders Placed After September 1st:

Any installations/deliveries occurring in: IN, KS, MD, MO, OH, PA & WV will most likely be delayed until Spring, due to common winter storms in these states.