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What Can Be Grown In A Fall Garden?

Did you know there are advantages to planting some types of vegetables in late August? In fact, the same vegetable planted and harvested in the springtime can taste even better when planted and harvested in the fall. Let’s just say that some vegetables appreciate the cold weather more than others! If you’re looking to add some items to your fall garden, I’ve got a few ideas for you today. Enjoy!

  1. Broccoli. Plant your seeds now and you can harvest broccoli in 70 to 100 days, depending on the variety you choose. These vegetables can endure temperatures that fall into the 20s, making them a dependable item in your fall garden. Plus, broccoli becomes more flavorful as it grows in the cooler temperatures.
  2. Brussels Sprouts. Brussels sprouts can be harvested 85 days after planting. Brussels sprouts that are firm and measure one inch in diameter are ready to harvest. These veggies are not only frost resistant, but they become sweeter after a frost.
  3. Cabbage. Cabbage can be harvested as early as 80 days after planting. Some varieties of cabbage are harvested 180 days after planting seeds. Before harvesting, make sure the cabbage head is firm and its base measures from 4 to 10 inches in width. Cabbage is another frost-resistant vegetable that gets sweeter as it matures in colder weather.
  4. Carrots. You can harvest carrots from your fall garden ten to 12 weeks after planting. Carrots are a great addition to your fall garden because their roots become thick and strong in temperatures around 40 degrees. They are especially sweet when grown in the fall. I like the idea of having plenty of carrots on hand for whenever a bowl of dip is nearby!
  5. Kale. If kale is a regular addition to your salads, you’ll be glad to know that this vegetable is perfect for a fall garden. Not only does it grow well in cold weather, but it can withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees. Brrr! Plus, kale is not as vulnerable to pests compared with cabbage and other leafy veggies. Harvest your kale 55 to 75 days after planting seeds.
  6. Peas. A light frost and temperatures that drop into the low 30s don’t present a challenge for peas growing in your fall garden. They can be harvested from 75 to 120 days after planting seeds. Check the specific harvest time for the variety of pea seeds you purchase.
  7. Spinach. You probably know that spinach is a cold-weather vegetable. But did you know that this vegetable can endure temperatures that fall as low as 20 degrees? Spinach can be harvested 37 to 45 days after planting.
  8. Turnips. Add turnips to the list of frost-resistant vegetables that taste sweeter after maturing in cold temperatures. Wait 30 to 60 days to harvest your turnips after planting seeds.

So don’t lock all of your gardening tools in your garage just yet. You’ve got a fall garden to tend to! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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