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Uses for a Chalkboard Paint in your Garage

detached metal garage to store paint

Do you spend way too much time searching for simple items in your garage? Does it take you 15 minutes to find a pair of work gloves or a hammer? If so, chalkboard paint can add some organization to the area. Simply put the chalkboard paint on a flat surface like a wall, a shelf, or a table. Once the project is finished, you can write on it with a piece of chalk. You can either make your own chalkboard paint or purchase a bottle at a craft store. Consider some of the creative ways you can use chalkboard paint to help organize the items in your garage.

Organize Your Workbench Area

Use chalkboard paint to create a reminder board on the wall just above your workbench. You can make lists of materials to buy, make note of measurements related to woodworking projects, and more! With the help of chalkboard paint, you’ll have easy access to all of your important notes and measurements.

Label Storage Shelves

Chalkboard paint is helpful for keeping track of the items on the shelves in your garage. You can either paint the edge of a shelf or its entire surface. For example, you may write labels for garden clippers, watering cans, extra plastic bags, and clean rags. When you want to rearrange the items on the shelves or add new ones, you can simply erase your label and create another. I recommend you use colorful chalk so you can easily see the labels on all of the shelves.

Organize a Storage Cabinet for Paint

Using chalkboard paint on the inside door of a metal cabinet in the garage can help you to keep an inventory of your house paint. Simply organize the paint cans inside the cabinet and write down each color on the door. That way, you can open the door and see what type of paint you have before making a trip to the local hardware store for more!

Keep Kids Away From Dangerous Items

Perhaps there is one corner of the garage where you keep items that you don’t want kids to touch. For instance, you may have a broken mirror that you plan to dispose of or a chair with a broken seat stored there. Use chalkboard paint to make a sign on the wall warning your kids to stay away from these items.

Display Prices at Your Garage Sale

If you host a garage sale every year, you can use chalkboard paint to create a colorful sign for displaying prices. You could put the chalkboard paint on a rectangular piece of wood or canvas. You may even choose to put the sign in an attractive frame to hang on the garage wall. The shoppers who visit your garage sale are sure to notice your prices on this unique board!

Finally, chalkboard paint is useful if you want to set up an area in the garage where your kids and their friends can draw, color, and write to their heart’s content. Some people cover entire walls with chalkboard paint so they can change their wall décor on a regular basis. Now, that’s using your creativity! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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