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This is How You Should Be Using Pallets In Your Yard


“This is how Alan’s Factory Outlet Amish made gazebo kits are delivered on a pallet”

Do you have a wooden pallet or two sitting in one corner of your shed or garage? If so, you have the basic materials for a fun item for your yard. As long as a pallet is in good condition, it can take on new life and make your yard a more pleasant place to be. This week’s post is all about the creative ways you can transform a discarded pallet. Enjoy!

A Comfortable Bench or Chair

A pallet bench or chair is a sturdy addition to any backyard. A few cushions or decorative pillows can instantly add an element of comfort to these outdoor furnishings. If you want to make a piece of pallet furniture more attractive, I suggest you give it a coat or two of paint. Make sure the paint is suitable for outdoor furniture. An Adirondack-style chair in pale blue or a white bench decorated with stencils are just two ways to dress up your pallet furniture.

A Coffee Table

If you choose to create a bench, chair, or sofa out of pallets, you’ll likely want a coffee table to complete the picture. You can make a coffee table with casters using a couple of large pallets. I think one of the best things about this coffee table is that you can move it around the patio with ease. Once again, staining or painting your pallet table makes it all the more stylish.

A Sandbox That Can Be Tucked Away During the Cold Weather

Do you have kids who dream of having their own sandbox? Well, you can make that dream happen with the help of some discarded wooden pallets. You can create a unique sandbox for the backyard that can be closed up to protect it from the elements. The design of this sandbox includes a bench for kids to sit on as they perfect their castles and moats. Not only are you making a fantastic sandbox for your kids, but you’re showing them how a little bit of creative thinking can give new life to a discarded item.

An Outdoor Pallet Bar

Have your ever wanted a place to serve refreshments to friends and family in the backyard? If so, you may want to consider making an outdoor pallet bar. This particular bar features a counter made of bricks. You could also create a counter for your bar out of an old piece of plywood. Serving drinks here is one idea, or you could simply use it as a buffet table for a barbecue. Either way, it’s an item that is both practical and attractive for your patio or yard.

A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is another popular way to reuse wooden pallets. You may want to hang a pallet on a wall to make it easier to care for the plants inside it. Petunias, marigolds, and pansies are just a few of the colorful flowers that are ideal for a vertical garden fashioned out of a wooden pallet. I also like the idea of planting herbs like mint, thyme, and parsley in a vertical garden. Now that’s one way to have plenty of herbs on hand for a recipe!

If you don’t have any empty pallets sitting around your property, try checking with a warehouse or big-box store in your area. A business owner with a large supply of discarded pallets may be more than happy to donate a few to a do-it-yourselfer with a great idea. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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