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The 7 Best Things To Do For Your Lawn In The Spring

Here we are, more than a month into the spring season. Do you hear your lawnmower calling to you from the garage? If the answer is yes, you’re someone who loves to keep your lawn looking it’s very best. Maybe you like to host a lot of barbecues and other gatherings in your yard during the warm weather months. Or, perhaps you just like to keep your lawn in tip-top shape! Either way, I have seven things you can do now to enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn this spring and summer.

  1. Cut Your Grass to a Specific Length. Do some research on the most suitable length for your grass. You want to avoid cutting it too short because this can prompt weed growth on your lawn.
  2. Fertilize. Hold on. Isn’t fertilizing done in the fall season? Yes, the rule of thumb is to fertilize your lawn in the fall. However, giving it some fertilizer in the springtime spurs on healthy growth while reducing weeds.
  3. Dethatch the Turf. Do you see any yellowish-brown masses of grass in your yard? This is called thatch. Leaving thatch on your lawn can lead to fungus and prevents the grass beneath it from being nourished by the sun and rain. Furthermore, there are some pests that love to make homes in thatch such as billbugs and chinch bugs. So, dethatch your lawn by raking up these masses of dried-out grass and removing them.
  4. Aerate. During the winter, the soil in your yard can become compacted under the weight of snow and ice which doesn’t allow for easy growth of grass in the spring. Aerating your lawn is essentially poking holes in the ground to break up the soil. These holes allow rain, air, and sunlight easy access to the grass roots so they can provide nourishment and really bring your lawn to life! Aerating can be done with a simple pitchfork or you can purchase a tool designed especially for this task. There are some aerators you can roll across the grass that are especially helpful if you have a large lawn.
  5. Overseed. Take a walk around your lawn and sprinkle seed on any bare patches you see. Be sure to give these areas plenty of water on the hot days of summer so the grass roots will grow stronger.
  6. Weed. When you weed your lawn in the springtime, you’re cutting down on the amount of weeds you’ll see in the summer. That sounds like a good deal to me. How about you? If you don’t want to go with a chemical weed killer, there are natural methods to remove weeds .
  7. Rake. Rake dead leaves, sticks and loose grass off your lawn in the springtime. This clears away any debris that blocks sunlight, air, and water from feeding your lawn. Be sure to rake when the grass is dry, so you don’t pull up healthy grass crowns in the process of removing unwanted material.

Taking these steps in the springtime can give you a lawn you’ll love to care for well into the summer months. Thanks for reading.-Alan

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