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Signs It’s Time for a New Storage Shed


Next time you open the door of your storage shed, take a moment to look around its interior. Also, walk around the outside of the structure and examine its walls. Some signs of wear and tear on a shed are obvious, while others are not so easy to see. Here are a few signs to look for when determining whether or not you need a new shed.

Insect Infestation

As far as insects go, maybe you’ve seen a spider or two in the corners of your shed. A few spiders are no problem. But one of the worst things about having an insect infestation in your shed is that you may not know it until they’ve done a lot of damage. Boring beetles, termites, and carpenter ants are just a few examples of the creatures that like to take up residence inside the walls of a wooden storage shed. I recommend that you look for small piles of sawdust in the corners of your shed. Carpenter ants leave these piles behind as they bore into the walls. Boring insects also make rows of tiny holes near the base of a shed’s walls. Of course, insects also leave droppings behind, but this material can be hard to see. It may take a bug inspector to determine how much damage insects have done to the walls of your shed. When insects tunnel through many of the boards of your shed, it weakens the overall structure. If this happens, it’s time to get a new shed.

Rotting Wood

Rotting wood caused by an excessive amount of moisture is much easier to spot than an invasion of boring insects. If the boards of your shed have become discolored with a greenish tinge or have an odor of mildew, then they are rotting. Boards that are rotting also tend to shrink. Splits in the middle of your boards are indications that the wood is rotting. It’s one thing if you have a couple of rotting boards that need to be replaced, but several rotting boards can affect the stability of the structure. Starting over with a new structure means that you can take the necessary steps to protect your shed by applying a coat or two of stain to the wood.

A Leaning Shed

It doesn’t take long to notice that a shed is leaning to one side or the other. This usually means that the foundation of the shed is experiencing problems. Some storage sheds have concrete foundations that crack or leak as they age. This type of wear and tear causes the entire structure to become unstable. When a storage shed is leaning, it’s not safe to continue to use it. With a new shed, you can make sure that you start out with a firm foundation that will give your structure the proper amount of support. Some owners put down a concrete foundation for their shed, while others opt for a foundation of crushed stone surrounded by a wooden frame. Either way, a sturdy foundation will keep a shed in its proper position.

Hope these tips help you to make your final decision. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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