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Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas Using Gourds


Do you have some neighbors who have already put out an arrangement of pumpkins? Pumpkins are great, but have you ever thought of making some space in your yard for decorative gourds? There are plenty of imaginative things you can do to make good use of a dried-out gourd. Take a look at a few interesting ideas. Enjoy!

A Lantern

I especially like this idea because a gourd lantern adds to the pleasant atmosphere of a crisp fall evening. Start this project by choosing a gourd that you’d like to turn into a lantern. Second, clean the dirt off of the gourd with a soft sponge and allow it to air-dry. Next, use a pencil to draw a six-inch circle around the base of the gourd and cut off the piece with a pumpkin-carving saw. Remove the cut piece and empty the dried seeds from the gourd. Create a design for your lantern by making pencil marks on the gourd. Use an electric drill to make the holes in the sides of your gourd. Be sure that the holes are at least a quarter-inch apart so the hard surface of the gourd doesn’t crack or break. A drill bit can create holes with rough edges, so use a file to neaten the holes that you’ve put into your gourd. Get a small LED candle, switch it on, and place the base of your gourd over it. The light will shine through the holes in your gourd!

A Birdhouse

Making a gourd birdhouse is a relatively simple project. This type of birdhouse is essentially a dried gourd with a hole drilled into it so birds can gain access. You can express your creativity with this project by choosing a gourd in a unique shape or painting it an appealing color once you’ve drilled the hole. If you want to attract lots of birds to your gourd house, you might want to paint it in a neutral color or leave it unpainted. Painting your birdhouse a bright color may deter birds from coming around. This is a project that you can put up every fall or spring.

A Jack-o’-Lantern

Creating a jack-o’-lantern out of a gourd is similar to carving a pumpkin. But making a jack-o’-lantern gourd requires the use of an electric drill to carve its face. Of course, as with the gourd lantern, you should use an LED-powered candle instead of a traditional candle. One of the best things about this type of jack-o’-lantern is that it lasts longer than a pumpkin, so you have more time to enjoy it!

A Gourd Chicken

When you really think about it, the shape of a gourd resembles a chicken. It is one of the most appealing outdoor decorations you can make this fall. This craft involves cleaning a smooth gourd and painting it with acrylic paint in a way that resembles a chicken. You may want to make a rough drawing ahead of time so you have a design to follow as you begin to paint. You can use clay to mold your chicken’s comb, beak, and wattle. Be sure to choose two or three gourds so your DIY gourd chickens have company!

I hope you come up with some fun ideas for your fall gourds. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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