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Organize Your Home in 7 Simple Steps

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At one time or another, you may have found yourself wandering through the rooms of your home thinking, ‘I have to get this place organized!’ But, just thinking about organizing EVERY room in a house can be overwhelming, to say the least. So, for this week’s blog, I’m offering some simple tips that can take the stress out of organizing your home.

Organize Your Home in Seven Simple Steps

  1. Decide which room you want to organize and concentrate on that one. I think that you’re less likely to become overwhelmed if you focus on organizing just one room at a time. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste energy thinking about the kids’ rooms or the bathrooms when you’re in the middle of organizing the kitchen.
  2. Get a supply of white and black garbage bags. As you declutter each room, put the items you want to throw away into a black garbage bag. Place the items you want to give to charity into a white garbage bag. This is an easy way to keep these items separate.
  3. Clear some space in the trunk of your car for bags/items that you want to take to Goodwill or another worthwhile charity. As you bag up items to give away, put them right into your vehicle, so you can drop them off as soon as the trunk is full.
  4. Divide a room into several areas that need to be organized. I can attest that this can make the task seem more reasonable. For instance, when organizing your bedroom you may want to begin with the closet. Look through your entire wardrobe of clothing. If you haven’t worn something in six months, it’s unlikely that you’ll wear it again (sans off season clothing that might be best tackled at a later date). If an item is in good condition, put it in a white garbage bag. If an item is ripped or terribly faded, put it into a black garbage bag. You’ll be amazed at how big your closet is without all of those extra clothes!
  5. Look at what needs to be done in a room and gather the materials you’ll need to do it. For instance, if you’re organizing your child’s room, there may be a lot of toys stacked around that he or she never plays with. First, decide which toys to give away and which to keep. Then, load the toys you want to give away into a white garbage bag. Place the toys that you want to keep into a clear plastic bin with a secure lid. Store the bin in one corner of your garage or shed.
  6. Focus on making the best possible use of the space in a room. The process of decluttering doesn’t always require you to throw things away. For instance, if your hair dryer is taking up space in the cabinet beneath your bathroom sink, you may want to put up a hair dryer wall mount. In the end, your bathroom cabinet is more organized and you get to keep your hair dryer! Installing a couple new towel racks on a bathroom wall can help you to organize your extra bath and hand towels. Also, buying an inexpensive toothbrush stand gives you a way to organize all of the loose toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet. Sometimes simple organizational items can create space as well as add an element of neatness to your bathroom.
  7. Take the time to celebrate your work. This is one of the most important steps in the quest to organize your home. Once you are finished organizing a room, look around and admire your work. Recognize how much easier it is to find an item in a closet or a cabinet. Look at all of the extra space you created! Pausing a moment or two to appreciate your own work will inspire you to move on to the next room in your home that needs attention.

Here are some more helpful ideas to consider as you clear a path toward a newly organized household! Thanks for reading.-Alan

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