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More Than Just For Storage – Other Creative Uses For a Shed

amish storage shed design

A Storage Shed or a Playhouse for a Child? You Decide!

I’ve found that there are some people who purchase a storage shed for a specific reason. They may want a place to put all of their gardening tools, or they’re looking for somewhere to store their children’s bicycles and sports equipment. There are other people who look at a storage shed and envision dozens of possible uses. This week, I thought it would be fun to learn about some of the creative ways that people use their storage sheds.

A Home Office

Who ever said that all work has to be done in a stuffy office building? Not me! There are individuals who look at their storage shed and see a comfortable home office. They may put their desk near a window to take advantage of the natural light. Also, the addition of a soft rug, a cushy sofa, and some pictures on the walls can immediately transform a storage shed into a peaceful place to get some work done. One of the biggest advantages of making a shed into a home office is that you can accomplish your work away from the noise and commotion going on inside your home. When you’re done with work, you can leave it behind you in your home office!

A Kid’s Playhouse

Some people opt to make their storage shed into an adorable playhouse for a kid. Many of them paint the exterior while adding a small table and chairs to the interior. A rug, a loveseat, a bookcase, and even a kitchen playset are all great additions to this kids-only area. The décor depends on the child and what they want the interior to look like. A shed-turned-playhouse is an ideal place for kids to spend their time playing pretend games with friends from the neighborhood.

A ‘Man or Woman Cave’

It’s likely that Mom or Dad needs a place to get away for a while. This is why some people convert their storage sheds into a “man cave” or “woman cave.” A man cave may have a big sofa or an easy chair along with an electrical hookup for a television. I recommend a mini-refrigerator full of fun snacks and beverages: After all, no man cave is complete without snacks! A busy mom who wants her own place to get away could decorate her woman cave with her favorite things. Maybe she wants to get in some television watching, too. Curtains on the windows and a soft chair to read in would make the place all her own.

A Workshop

A storage shed can easily be transformed into a workshop for a family member who loves to fix things or do woodworking. Simply move a small workbench and a collection of tools into the shed. Make sure the workbench is close to a window in order to have plenty of natural light. Open the door on warm days and enjoy the breeze while concentrating on a beloved project.

Whether you want to use your storage shed for storage or something else, it’s a place that can serve all sorts of useful purposes. Thanks for reading! -Alan

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