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Learn How to Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade Like A Pro


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Take a close look at your lawn the next time you cut it. Do the blades of grass have evenly cut edges, or are they ragged? If they’re ragged, it may be time to sharpen your lawn mower blade. This week’s post is all about safely sharpening the blade on your lawn mower. Enjoy!

Why Should I Sharpen My Lawn Mower Blade?

Sharpening your blade makes your mowing time more effective. A sharp blade cuts your grass in the most thorough way, giving you a healthy lawn that looks beautiful. I love to admire the evenly cut rows in a well-trimmed lawn; don’t you? In addition, a sharp blade can shorten the amount of time you spend mowing your lawn. I know this is an appealing thought to those of you who would rather be inside watching baseball on television. Take care of your blade and get the job done right!

When to Sharpen

The number of times you sharpen your lawn mower blade depends on how often you use your mower. If you use your mower every day, then you should sharpen it more often than someone who uses their mower once every two weeks. As a rule, sharpening your blade twice a season is a good idea if you use your mower to trim your grass on a regular basis.

Different Sharpening Techniques

One technique is to sharpen your lawn mower blade by hand. This is a good option if you have a blade that’s used gently for periodic trims. The first step is to unhook the spark plug and power source on your mower. This must be done so that the mower can’t start while you’re working. Loosen the nut that attaches the blade to your mower, then remove the blade. You may want to put the blade into a vice so you have more control as you sharpen it with a metal file.

Another technique is to sharpen your mower blade with the help of a bench grinder. This is especially useful if your blade has small dents in it due to cutting thick weeds. Hold the blade securely as you move it back and forth against the bench grinder. Be sure to follow the angle of the blade’s bevel.

If you have a belt sander, you can use this to sharpen your lawn mower blade. Once again, move it back and forth against the belt sander while following the angle of the blade’s bevel.

Using a Machine? Keep Your Cool

If you use a machine to sharpen your lawn mower blade, make sure to keep a bucket of cold water nearby. When you feel the blade heating up due to friction, stop the machine and dip the blade in the water to cool the metal. Dry the blade completely before continuing to sharpen it. The cool water keeps the blade from becoming overheated, which can cause the blade to warp.

And of course, there’s one more important thing you need to know: Remember to put on safety goggles and work gloves before sharpening your blade.

Make this task part of your regular lawn mower maintenance to keep this important piece of equipment in tip-top condition. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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