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Landscaping Tips to Help You Save Water


‘Create a New Landscape That Saves Water’

Do you spend a lot of time watering the plants in your yard during the spring and summer months? If you do, you may be looking for some alternatives to traditional landscaping ideas. Whether you’re a Californian dealing with drought conditions or someone who’s simply looking for ways to conserve water, there are some unique landscaping ideas you may want to try. Enjoy!


Have you ever heard of xeriscaping? A xeriscape is a type of landscape that requires very little water. In fact, the Greek word xeros means dry. A xeriscape includes a lot of drought-resistant plants such as yarrow, sedum, Agastache, and Mojave sage. These are just a few examples of plants that flourish in hot temperatures without supplemental water. Now, some people may picture this type of landscape as being dull and uninteresting, but drought resistant flowers such as Spanish Gold Broom, Torch Lilies, and Prairie Coneflowers can bring brilliant color to a xeriscape.

Alternatives to Plants

There are plenty of attractive landscape designs that don’t include any plant life. For instance, you may want to create a walkway in your backyard made of natural stones. The different sizes and shapes of the natural stones can add appeal to your property. Another idea is to build a low rock wall or create a small stone bridge in your yard. Statues and gazing globes are other fun additions to a landscape. A rock garden with stones of various colors can be arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Instead of a rock garden, you may want to make your patio area the focal point of the backyard. A table, chairs, and an outdoor sofa can create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family. You may even want to install a stone barbecue pit to use throughout the spring and summer. Subtle lighting contributes to the tone of a peaceful patio area. I suggest you think about the activities you enjoy with your family as you brainstorm the changes you want to make.

Ideas for Reusing and Recycling Water

There are countless ways that you can reuse or recycle water throughout the day. For example, pour the leftover two inches of water in your drinking glass into a large pitcher instead of down the sink. At the end of the week, water all of your houseplants with the water accumulated in the pitcher. Use the leftover water in your teapot to water the plants on your patio. The next time you clean your fish aquarium, pour the old water on your outside plants instead of dumping it down the sink. If you like to go on picnics with your family, save the melted ice water in your drink cooler and pour it on your plants at home. The leftover water in a humidifier is perfect for watering your plants and flowers.

If you don’t want to completely overhaul the landscape of your yard, try adding some drought-resistant plants into the mix in order to conserve water. When it comes to conserving water, just a few simple changes to the landscape can make a big difference! Thanks for reading.-Alan

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