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For More than Protecting Your Car – Creative Uses For Carports


Next time you park your car under your carport, take a few moments to look around at the space. Has it ever occurred to you that your carport would be a great place to throw a party? Just think: It’s an outdoor area that provides shade and plenty of space for tables, chairs, and, of course, refreshments. Take a look at just a few of the fun gatherings that you could host in your very own carport.

A Kid’s Birthday Party

A carport is the ideal place to host a birthday party for your kid. Why? Well, if your young guests spill any juice, food, or birthday cake on the ground, it’s very easy to clean up! You may want to set up a large folding table at one end of the carport for all of your snacks and drinks. A smaller table can serve as a place for the gifts. Make a trip to the store for some balloons, colorful streamers, and tablecloths to decorate the area. I suggest that you put a few small tables and several chairs under the carport for parents who accompany their kids to the party. Most likely, the kids will spend their time running around your yard while you and the other parents chat in the pleasant shade of your carport.

A Family Picnic

Invite your relatives over to enjoy a summer afternoon under your carport! One idea is to put up a long folding table to act as a buffet. Buns, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, soda and other favorites can go onto your buffet table. Park your grill several feet away from the carport so your guests can pick up their hotdogs and hamburgers and proceed through the buffet line. Your family members can sit in lawn chairs in the yard and visit. Later on, if they want a little more shade, they can move their chairs into the carport. One of the best things about this arrangement is that if raindrops begin to fall, your guests have a place to take shelter until the clouds move away.

A Wedding Shower

A carport is a great place to host a spring or summer wedding shower for a friend. You can arrange folding chairs in a circle for all of the guests. Plus, you can set the gifts, cake and refreshments on a table on one side of the carport. This is the perfect space for playing simple wedding shower games and opening gifts. Guests can chat with friends and eat cake as a gentle breeze flows throughout the carport. Along with white tablecloths and balloons, you can decorate the refreshment table with the bride-to-be’s favorite flowers in an attractive vase. Also, find a battery-powered CD player so you can play some party music in the background. Kids who attend the wedding shower with their mothers can play in the yard while the ladies enjoy one another’s company under the carport.

Finally, the biggest benefit of hosting a party under your carport is that you don’t have to vacuum the rugs after your guests leave! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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