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Creepy Ways To Decorate Your Yard For Halloween


Do you get a lot of trick-or-treaters at your house on Halloween? If so, give them some extra fun this year. Dust off your creativity and try a few of these DIY crafts that may just make your home the most popular with trick-or-treaters this Halloween!

Decorate With Window Silhouettes

Get some pieces of cardboard and cut out the shapes of pumpkins, witches, bats and cats. Paint the cardboard images black and hang them in your windows. Turn on the lights inside to create some scary silhouettes. For added creepiness, put colored crepe paper on your windows.

Signs of No Good

Find some old pieces of wood that are flat and about ten inches long. Use black paint to label each piece with words like “Beware,” “Turn Back,” and “Haunted House Ahead.” Post these signs on your fence or around your front door.

A Spooky Wreath

Make a collection of miniature witches’ brooms with twigs and string. Next, get some black construction paper and cut out a dozen small black cats. Glue the brooms and cats to an old grapevine wreath and hang it on your front door.

Monsters in the Bushes

Make some glowing monsters and place them in the bushes in front of your house to greet trick-or-treaters. Young kids can help with this easy craft that starts with a few empty toilet paper rolls. I like the idea of using glow sticks of different colors to raise the creepiness factor.

A Line of Swaying Ghosts

Make some coffee filter ghosts and hang them near your front door. Use fishing line so trick-or-treaters will think they are floating in the air.

A Gathering of Balloon Ghosts and Pumpkins

Get some orange and white party balloons, a package of white glow sticks, and a black marker. Blow up a balloon, shake a glow stick, and slip it into the balloon. After securing the end of the balloon, use black marker to make a pumpkin face on the orange balloons and ghostly eyes on the white ones.

Ghostly Gourds

Make a group of ghostly gourds using dried gourds, white and black paint, and some cheesecloth. Place them around your front door so they can surprise trick-or-treaters.

Turn Your Front Door Into a Mummy

Find a couple of rolls of white gauze, two pieces of white construction paper, two pieces of black paper, tape, and scissors. Wrap your front door in the white gauze. Next, create two big eyes using the construction paper and tape them to your door. Instant mummification!

Spiders Galore

Put aside several empty toilet paper rolls, paint them black, and let them dry. Then glue eight black pipe cleaners to each to serve as the spider’s legs. Glue a pair of googly eyes to each one and hang them from your front door frame or porch lights with fishing line.

Light Up Your Front Walkway

Start putting aside gallon plastic milk jugs for this project. Use a black marker to make a spooky face on each one. Lastly, put an LED tea light in each jug and line them up on the border of your front walkway. This will attract a lot of attention from trick-or-treaters.

A Witch’s Shoes

Get a pair of long socks with orange and white stripes on them. Fill the socks with rolled up newspaper or tissue paper. Put a pair of old black shoes with buckles on end of the socks. You may be able to find shoes like this at a second-hand store. Display the sock/shoe combination in a way that looks like your house fell on the witch who was wearing them.

Add Some Glowing Light to Your Front Entrance

Put some strings of white LED lights around your doorway to create an eerie glow for trick-or-treaters. If you want, manipulate the light strings to look like ghosts or witches’ hats.

A Twist on Pumpkin-Carving

Use your computer to print a template of a scary skeleton hand, a bristling cat, or a witch’s hat. Use these templates when carving your pumpkins this year. Be sure to put a candle or LED tealight in each pumpkin to show off your scary work.

Ghost on the Porch

Get a white balloon, blow it up, and put a glow stick inside of it. Tie the end of the balloon and put a white sheet over it to make a ghost. Secure a piece of fishing line around the neck of the ghost and hang it from the ceiling of your porch.

A Gigantic Spider in the Yard

Get nine black garbage bags, some fishing line, old newspapers, a glue gun, and two white Styrofoam cups. Fill one of the black bags with old newspaper until it’s a big ball. Fill the other eight bags halfway up with newspaper and twist them into spider-leg shape. You can use the fishing line to secure them in that shape. Use the glue gun to fasten the eight legs to your gigantic spider’s body. As the finishing touch, glue the two Styrofoam cups to its head to serve as eyes. I especially like this one because you can haul it out every year!

Have some fun with these spooky DIY crafts, and thanks for reading. – Alan

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