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Creative Ways to Store Presents Away From Curious Eyes


‘Keeping Presents Hidden Until Christmas Day’

Part of the fun of giving Christmas gifts to loved ones is seeing the look of joy and surprise on their faces when they tear off the wrapping paper. However, if your loved ones sneak a peek at their gifts before Christmas day, they may not look quite so surprised when they open them. So, I thought I’d use this week’s blog to offer some ideas on where to hide Christmas gifts from the curious eyes of your loved ones.

Hiding Gifts from Young Children

Let’s start with the young kids. If you have children who are in elementary school you know how creative they can be when searching the house for their Christmas gifts. This means you have to be extra creative when hiding them! One idea is to keep them in the trunk of your car. You can put items such as games, puzzles, toys, clothing and books into black garbage bags and stash them in one corner of your trunk. Unless your children are helping you unload groceries, they really have no reason to look in your car’s trunk. Even if they do open your trunk, the gifts will be hidden by the dark bags. Another effective hiding place is in the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink. You can put a toy or two into a big bag and hide it near the back of the cabinet. Chances are your kids won’t have any reason to look beneath the bathroom sink. Of course, I suggest you choose another option if you have a pipe under your sink that is prone to leaks! Other excellent ideas for hiding places include a cabinet out in the garage, a top shelf inside a kitchen pantry or in an old wardrobe or chest of drawers in the basement.

Hiding Gifts from Teenagers

Teenagers are experts at finding their Christmas gifts, so you have to be extremely clever when choosing hiding places. If you get your teen an electronic gadget, you may want to hide it behind the last file in your file cabinet. It will be completely hidden even if your teen opens the file drawer. If you get your teen some clothing items as gifts you can put them in a garbage bag and hide them behind an ironing board in the laundry room. I’ve noticed that many teenagers steer clear of this particular room in a home. You may also try hiding small gifts at the back of one of your clothing drawers, beneath the kitchen sink or on an upper shelf located somewhere in the garage.

Hiding Gifts from Spouses

It can be tricky hiding a Christmas gift from a spouse because it’s likely that he or she is aware of your best hiding places! So, it’s helpful to consider places your spouse doesn’t like to go. For instance, maybe your spouse doesn’t like to go into the basement because there are a few creepy spiders that live there. In that case, you could hide a few gifts in empty cabinets in the basement or inside a discarded box. If your spouse only opens the hall closet door once a day to grab a coat, it may be a good place to stash a few gifts. Or, if you and your spouse drive separate cars, hide Christmas gifts in the trunk of your car.

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to come up with more. Good luck and thanks for reading!-Alan

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