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9 Ways To Reuse Your Christmas Tree


I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas tree this year. Now, you may be looking for the nearest recycling center to dispose of your tree. That’s a great idea. But did you know that there are other environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your Christmas tree? Check out these creative ideas.

  1. Protect the Fish. If you have a pond on your property, do the fish a favor and throw your tree into the water. The minnows, bluegills, and other occupants of your pond will use the branches to hide from predators. I like the idea of a Christmas tree providing long-lasting shelter for fish, tadpoles, crawfish, and other tiny creatures.
  2. Make Some Mulch. Use the needles on your Christmas tree as mulch for your garden. Once the needles dry out, scatter them wherever you need a light layer of mulch. Put the remainder of the tree in a rented wood chipper to make more mulch for other areas of your yard.
  3. Create Unique Coasters. Using your hacksaw, cut the trunk into round pieces about an inch thick. Sand off the rough edges and put a coat of sealant on each one so they don’t start leaking sap.
  4. Make a Set of Stakes. Using a hacksaw, cut a few long branches off of your tree and strip the smaller branches from each one. Use the long branches as stakes for tall, flourishing indoor plants that need a little support.
  5. Create a Feeding Place for Birds. After taking all of the decorations off of your Christmas tree, put it in a durable tree stand and place it out in your backyard. Find several small bird feeders and hang them from the boughs of your tree. Be sure to add in some peanut butter pine cone bird feeders. Birds need fat and protein to keep their energy up for surviving the winter weather.
  6. Potpourri, Anyone? Make a supply of potpourri with branches, needles, and cones from your Christmas tree. The scent of pine in your home will remind you of the beauty of your Christmas tree whenever you smell it.
  7. Cull Supplies for an Art Project. Before taking your tree to the nearest recycling center, cut off some of its branches. Look for branches with different amounts of needles on them. Let your kids or grandkids dip the needles in paint to make some artwork. White construction paper or butcher paper works great for this type of project. I suggest getting a unique frame for each project and hanging them up in a place where everyone can admire your child’s work.
  8. Create a Garden Border. If you have a small section of garden that needs a neat border, then look to your Christmas tree. First, measure the sides of the section in your garden. Next, cut all of the branches off of your tree and saw its trunk into sections that match the measurements of your garden. Place the sections of trunk around your garden to serve as a natural border.
  9. Start a Compost Pile. Use the branches of your Christmas tree as the base of a new compost pile on your property. Thin branches allow for air circulation and will break down as the days go by. Your Christmas tree can be a big help with this New Year’s resolution.

Get creative with the disposal of your Christmas tree this year! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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