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9 Critical Questions You Need To Ask Prior to Selecting Your Storage Building

2 story storage building

Do I Need a Two Story Garage or a One Story?

When it comes to selecting a storage building, I’ve found that it’s a good idea to think over all the options. Not surprisingly, you’ll want to end up with a building that satisfies both your present and future storage needs. This week, I thought I’d highlight some questions for you to consider that will assist you in selecting an ideal storage building.

Nine Critical Questions You Need to Consider Prior to Selecting Your Storage Building

  1. What Do I Need to Store? This is one of the most important issues to consider. For instance, if you want a storage building for a car, you’ll need to select a garage that offers plenty of room for the vehicle. Naturally, someone who wants to store a full-sized truck will need a larger garage than someone with a two seater convertible. Along with the dimensions of the garage, it’s also wise to consider whether you want a one or a two car garage. If you plan to purchase another car in the future, it may be a good idea to go with a two car garage. Or, if you are looking for a garden shed, you’ll need to find one that can accommodate all of your garden tools in an organized fashion . Focus on selecting a storage building that is appropriate for the items you want to protect.
  2. Do I Need a Permit to Have a Storage Building? The answer depends upon where you live. It’s best to contact the officials in your city and let them know how big the storage building is and where you plan to put it. Each city and state has its own regulations so it’s best to find out this information right away.
  3. What Type of Building Material Do I Want ? If you are thinking about getting a shed, you can opt for an Amish shed made with board batten wood. Or, you may prefer a shed made of vinyl. Both types of material will protect your items from the harsh weather elements. It’s really a matter of personal taste. I’ve found that some people like the look of a traditional wooden shed while others appreciate the decorative aspects of vinyl sheds.
  4. Do I Have a Color Preference for My Storage Building? There are some people who want a storage building in a color that complements other structures on their property. For example, you may want a wood shed in the color blue to match the blue exterior of your home. Or, you may want to choose a color for your shed that matches your barn. Selecting the perfect color for a wood shed or the roof of a metal garage can make your property all the more appealing.
  5. Do I Have a Design Preference for the Roof? You may want to consider a boxed eave roof on your metal garage. This is an A-frame style with an overhang on both its sides. If you’re shopping for a shed, you can opt for the gable style roof or a gambrel design. Sometimes people opt for a shed or garage roof that matches the one on their home. On the more practical side, a vertical roof design on a carport allows snow to slide off so it doesn’t accumulate. This would be a great choice for someone who lives in a particularly snowy area.
  6. Where Do I Want to Put My Storage Building? It’s best to put a storage building such as a garden shed on a higher piece of ground so flooding will not become an issue. Garden sheds usually sit on a foundation of gravel to lessen or prevent flooding. If you plan to select a carport, it will need to sit on a concrete slab. The location you choose for your storage building will need to accommodate the structure as well as its foundation.
  7. Do I Need a Shed Kit? If you plan to select a shed, you have to consider whether a fully assembled shed can be delivered to your home. If you don’t have a path for our delivery truck that is at least 14 feet wide with 13 feet of clearance, you’ll need to opt for a shed kit. Shed kits are easy to assemble with the help of a neighbor.
  8. Do I Need a Two Story Storage Building? If you’re considering a garage and have a lot of extra items to store besides the vehicle, you may want to consider a two story structure. You can use the upper level for boxes, old furniture and other items that take up room inside your home. A 2 story horse barn can be ideal if you need a place to store hay as well as keep your tack neat and organized.
  9. Do I Want a Carport or a Garage? The answer to this question depends on your unique situation. If you have additional items you want to store, then an enclosed garage would be a more favorable choice. If you just want a simple covering for your car to protect it from the snow, rain and sunlight, then a carport may be the choice for you. A carport can even protect your car from frost .

Happy shopping! Thanks for reading. Alan

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