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8 Ways To Protect Your Home From The Winter Chill


Is your home ready for the cold temperatures of winter? The winter months are certainly more enjoyable when you have a warm home to go to when the snow starts to fly and temperatures drop. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to prep your home for winter. These eight tips can help you stay warm and dry through the cold weather season.

  1. Check Your Shingles. Look at the condition of your roof to see if you have any missing or loose shingles. Loose or missing shingles can give cold air access to your home, so it’s a good idea to replace them so you have a sturdy roof over the winter.
  2. Clean the Gutters. Gutters can become filled with leaves, sticks, dirt, and residue from roof shingles. When this happens, rain water or melting snow can’t flow through them and away from your home. A clogged gutter can damage your roof and lead to water leaking into your home. If you don’t feel secure cleaning the gutters yourself, it’s worth the money to get the assistance of a professional.
  3. Install Storm Windows and Doors. If you have storm windows or doors, now is the time to install them. Removing the screen door from your front or back entrance and replacing it with a storm door goes a long way toward keeping the cold breezes out of your home. Storm windows block many of the leaks that result in cold rooms in the wintertime.
  4. Clean the Chimney. If you use your fireplace over the winter, it’s necessary to have the chimney cleaned once a year. Creosote and ash build up in a chimney over time, creating a fire hazard whenever you use your fireplace.
  5. Enclose Your Porch. If you’re lucky enough to have an inviting porch, think about enclosing it to keep the winter cold out of your home. Your enclosed porch will be another place where you can sit in comfort while enjoying the wintertime scenery.
  6. Plant Hedges. A line of hedges on the north side of your home is a beautiful addition to a yard. Hedges are also excellent at blocking cold winds. Think of your hedge as a natural line of protection for your home in the winter.
  7. Put Up Heavy Curtains. You’d be surprised at how effective a pair of heavy curtains can be at blocking drafts from entering a room through the windows. Wool and velvet are two examples of heavy fabrics perfect for curtains used in the wintertime. Be sure to keep your curtains open during the day so your home can benefit from the warm sunshine.
  8. Get Some Draft-Stoppers. A draft-stopper is specially made to fit under a door to stop drafts from blowing into a home. It consists of foam or other insulating material contained in a fabric bag. Put your hand down near the base of your door to see if you need a draft-stopper this winter. I suggest you put a draft-stopper on your shed door this winter; tt can help you to enjoy warmer temperatures in your shed if you want to do any repair or DIY projects out there this winter.

Try some of these tips to see if they make a difference in how warm your home is. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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