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8 Gardening Trends We Saw Grow Over Summer 2018

The summer of 2018 yielded a lot of popular gardening trends. Did you try to grow some different vegetables or flowers in your garden this summer? Or maybe you challenged yourself by starting a whole new type of garden. Check out eight of the most popular gardening trends from this summer.

  1. Vertical Gardens. This unique style of garden was a special favorite during the summer of 2018. Starting a vertical garden is as easy as setting a wooden pallet against a wall and filling its various levels with soil and your favorite flowers. Many people like them because it brings a garden to eye level, making it even more enjoyable.
  2. A Garden With Water Features. The soothing sounds of water fountains in a garden were very popular this summer. Whether it’s a large, Roman-inspired garden fountain with a small bowl overflowing into a larger one beneath it or a simple birdbath with a solar powered fountain, both humans and birds can enjoy their presence in a garden. I especially like this gardening trend. You could even go as far as creating a small fish pond with a soothing trickle of water, lily pads, and, of course, a collection of colorful fish.
  3. Succulent Gardens. A succulent garden brings color and drama to a yard without requiring a lot of maintenance. Woolly senecio, burro’s tail, hens and chicks, and panda plant are just a few of the popular types of succulents. They can be planted in attractive containers such as an old fountain, clay bowls, or even a group of elegant garden urns.
  4. Ground Cover Doubling as a Lawn. Planting ground cover such as blue star creeper, miniature brass buttons, or creeping phlox provides more interest and color than stretches of grass around a patio or in between stepping stones. This was a particularly popular trend for people who wanted to reduce their grass-cutting duties this summer.
  5. A Dining Area/Garden. Many people decided to set up a dining area in the midst of their garden this summer. Just imagine a table complete with tablecloth, dishes, and silverware set up beneath a carport or in a shady area of a flourishing garden. This is the perfect way to dine al fresco while enjoying your beautiful flowers.
  6. Vegetable Planters. This trend puts a spin on a traditional vegetable garden. Instead of having a vegetable garden tucked into one corner of their yard, many people planted their veggies in a collection of large, elegant planters. One planter could be dedicated to growing lettuce, while another holds tomatoes or banana peppers. Keep this trend in mind and consider putting your vegetable garden into the spotlight next summer!
  7. Eco-Gardening. Eco-gardens were a popular choice in the summer of 2018. They are low-maintenance, beautiful gardens made up of plants and flowers that need very little water. Plants and flowers are grouped together according to the amount of water they need so water won’t be wasted on plants that don’t need as much.
  8. Small Gardens. Small gardens were popular in the summer of 2018 and will continue to be a favorite with many green thumbs. They allow you to be as creative as you want with your garden. Making a small garden can be as simple as planting flowers in pots and containers and placing them in one area on your patio. Not only can you be creative with the types of flowers you plant, but you can be creative with the sizes, shapes, and colors of the pots you put them in.

I hope some of these trends will stir up even more imaginative ideas for future summer gardens! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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