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11 Ways to Properly Care For Your Winter Tools

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Do you own a favorite snow shovel that you’ve used for years? If you do, count yourself lucky. Many people have to purchase replacement snow shovels, windshield scrapers, snow brushes, and other winter tools every year. They find that their shovel or scraper has deteriorated and is no longer useful. Fortunately, taking a little bit of extra time to care for your winter tools and supplies can help you to avoid replacing them too soon.

11 Ways to Properly Care for Your Winter Tools and Supplies

  1. Storing a Snow Shovel: The way you care for your snow shovel has a lot to do with what it’s made of. A tempered steel shovel can rust if it’s put away with melting snow on it. Alternatively, an aluminum shovel is not likely to rust even if it’s put away wet. A good rule of thumb is to take an old rag and thoroughly dry the scoop as well as the handle of your snow shovel after using it.
  2. Maintaining a Snow Blower: Whether you have a hand-held snow blower or a wheeled one that you push along the driveway, it’s a wise idea to let it run for a minute or so after you finish your work. This cleans out the excess snow so the blower’s impeller won’t freeze up while it’s sitting out in the garage or shed.
  3. Getting the Most Out of Your Windshield Scraper: It’s likely that you have a windshield scraper stored on the floor of your car. It may be a little plastic scraper from the gas station or an elaborate one you purchased at the hardware store. Either way, make sure to dry it off before putting it back into the car. Also, keep a small plastic scraper in a container to prevent passengers from stepping on it.
  4. Storing Ice-Removal Supplies: To keep your rock salt from spilling onto the floor of your garage or shed, put the bag into a plastic garbage can with a lid.
  5. Caring for Your Salt Spreader: A salt spreader can make distributing rock salt a lot easier for someone with a long driveway. After finishing a job, be sure to remove clumps of snow from the undercarriage of the device and brush off its tires. This prevents the moisture from freezing and damaging the snow spreader.
  6. Maintain a Portable Battery Charger: Some people use portable battery chargers to jump their car battery on cold mornings. A portable battery charger is a really handy device that should be kept in a dry, warm area away from children.
  7. Keep Your Heated Hose in Great Shape: Be sure to empty all of the water out of your heated hose after using it. Also, remove it from an outdoor spigot when it’s not in use.
  8. Caring for Your Roof Rake: A roof rake is an ideal tool for clearing the snow and ice off of the roof of a shed or carport. Proper care of this tool involves drying off its edge as well as its handle to prevent rust. I recommend hanging it in on a garage wall so it won’t get underfoot.
  9. Taking Care of Your Snow Brush: You can clean a snow brush by using a whisk broom to dust off its bristles. You may want to wash the bristles of your snow brush in the springtime to remove dirt buildup.
  10. Winter Boot Care: In many households, winter boots are taken off in the garage and left on a newspaper to dry. You can also stuff newspaper inside the boots to absorb any moisture. This also prevents them from falling over while they are drying.
  11. Maintaining the Condition of Your Push Broom: Using a push broom to clear away a dusting of snow on the driveway is easy and convenient. Be sure to brush the snow off the bristles with your gloved hand to remove any moisture. This prevents freezing that can cause bristles to fall out.

Thanks for reading! – Alan

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