Two Story Storage Buildings

prefab two story buildingAlan’s Factory Outlet’s 2 story buildings give you maximum space to store your belongings. Our two story metal roof buildings feature staircases going up to second levels. These modular two story buildings are constructed as 2 Story Sheds , with a single or double wide building. 2 Story Garages can be built with a barn or an A-frame roof. 2 Car Garages are also an option, if you’re looking for a single level building to buy.

2 story building prices

Two Story Building Standard Features:

  • Garage door (or you can switch it for a double door and save)
  • Single wide 2 story buildings come with four windows, while double wide buildings feature eight windows
  • Painted in your chosen color
  • Your preference of a metal roof or architectural shingles
  • Wooden siding with 25 year Warranty (vinyl & board batten siding, optional)
  • Reinforced 3/4″ floor with 12″ O.C. pressure-treated floor joists on top of 4″x4″ foundation runners

Customers purchase our two story wood and vinyl buildings for many reasons. At the top of the list is quality – all of our buildings for sale are well-constructed and durable. Our 2 story storage buildings are able to withstand inclement weather conditions. Cars, equipment, and other valuables stored inside our 2 story buildings are protected against the most severe of elements. When customers order two story metal roof buildings, they can be granted peace of mind, knowing that their valuables will be kept extra safe.

Customers who require more space for their possessions love our selection of two story buildings. We offer a variety of models of 2 story storage buildings, so customers are sure to find one that meets their needs. Rivaling the coverage of private storage facilities, our 2 story buildings act as sheds that can house all types of items. For instance, some customers use their two story buildings to shelter their riding lawn mowers, yard tools, and gardening equipment. We even have two story buildings with the space to provide protection for one or two automobiles. Consequently, some of our customers park their cars in their 2 story buildings and use the upper level to store boxes, yard tools, and other valuables. We have two story buildings that can accommodate the storage needs of practically any family.

Many of our customers appreciate their two story wooden buildings for security reasons. The sturdy construction of our 2 story buildings serves as a valuable asset to your property. Customers with especially expensive possessions, like cars and major equipment, shop our selection of two story metal buildings because they want an extra secure place to put their valuables.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we believe that two story buildings can be practical, as well as visually appealing. Paint color and roof type for 2 story buildings can be left up to preference, making it an exceptionally personalized purchase. Some of our customers enjoy coordinating their 2 story wood or vinyl buildings with other buildings on their property. Others take time to browse our impressive online selection of two story buildings to find one that fits with the overall tone or mood of their property. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we encourage our customers to be as imaginative as they want, when selecting a two story building for their property.

2 Story Building Color Brochure

The first video below features a 24×24 2 story A-frame building with a reinforced floor. The second showcases a 24×24 two story barn building, which does not have a floor, and is placed on a concrete slab. Your choice between these 2 story storage buildings can depend on the type of items you want to store.

Here is a view inside of one that does not have a floor.

This is the barn roof and second level of a two story building.

Here is our 24×24 two story building with a floor and barn roof.

20x20 two story building










2 story building without floor

two story building barn roof 2nd level

2 story barn building

24×24 two story building with a floor and barn roof

two story building cost