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How 34 Different Animals Survive Through the Winter


As you hustle through the bitter cold and dark to your car after a long day of work, do you ever wonder how animals survive in the winter? It is common knowledge that many species of birds migrate thousands of miles to warmer climates, but did you know that some butterflies and whales also embark on epic journeys to escape the freeze? Many animals have developed extraordinary behaviors and abilities to survive. For example, snails seal their shell opening with a dry layer of mucus to stay moist and insulated. Deer stay warm in the extreme cold by huddling together. But how do cold-blooded animals survive in the winter? Pretty much the same way—garter snakes gather in a communal pile of dozens to hundreds (or even thousands) in makeshift shelters like rock piles, logs, and spaces under roads. Black and grizzly bears hibernate for nearly 7 and a half months! But how do animals survive in hibernation for such a long time? They pack on enough pounds during the fall so that they have enough fuel to last the long cold winter months. This infographic offers many more fascinating glimpses into winter animal adaptations. 

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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