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Homeowner Garage Door Care

Your garage door is not only a significant investment, but it is also a part of your home’s security system. If your garage door is properly maintained, then it can protect you and your family from intruders as well as the elements. But a garage door that is not regularly repaired and looked after can become problematic and cause problems for everyone in your house. If you wait until your garage door fails to take care of it, then you could be looking at some very expensive repair bills. When you learn how to take good care of your garage door, you can maximize your investment and lower your overall cost of ownership.

A garage door is built in segments so that it can easily roll up into your garage and allow you access. When you open any garage door, the door rides on two tracks that are installed on opposite sides of the garage door opening. To help make it easier to open and close the garage door, there are two very strong metal springs installed on each side of the door. Without the springs, the garage door would open and close without any control, which would cause damage to your home and injuries to your family. Your garage door handle is connected to two rods that extend through holes in the door frame, which lock the door after it is closed. An automatic garage door opener simply opens and closes the garage door for you, making it easier for you to get into the garage in bad weather and allowing you to open and close the garage door without leaving your car.

You should never open or close a garage door when someone is standing in the garage doorway. An automatic garage door opener will stop the door if there is someone standing in the doorway. If the garage door appears to be jammed and will not open, do not try to force it open. The problem could be something as simple as debris in one of the metal tracks. You could damage the door and seriously injure yourself if you try to force the door open.

It is extremely important that homeowners never try to replace or adjust the springs on their garage doors for any reason. These springs are under a tremendous amount of tension, and one wrong move could be fatal. A homeowner should inspect his springs at least once a month to check for rust or to see if the frame is starting to bend. If you feel as though there could be an issue with the springs, then contact a garage door maintenance professional as soon as possible.

Children should be taught to stay away from the door at all times. A child could be playing inside the garage and the door could suddenly be opened from the outside, which could be a dangerous situation. Instruct your children to avoid the door, the door tracks, and the door frame at all times. You should also keep your pets away from the garage door as well, especially pets that are on leashes, as those leashes could get tangled in the track and injure the pet.

There are a few garage door maintenance items you can take care of on your own. For example, it is important to keep the tracks clear of debris. If you take a towel and wipe down the tracks at least once a month, then this will help to keep the tracks clear and the door operating smoothly. You should also clean the hinges on each section of your door to make sure that they move freely. A stuck hinge could cause a great deal of damage to your entire door. It is also a good idea to keep your garage door windows clean to allow natural light to make it easy to see in your garage, which will be especially good if you need to make repairs because the door is not operating properly.

You should have a professional maintenance technician inspect your door at least once a year. The technician can make sure that the tracks are mounted properly and give your springs the maintenance they need. Your springs need lubrication and the occasional adjustment to work properly. Once again, you do not want to do anything with your garage door springs. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing garage door springs is a job that is best left to a professional.

By Alan Bernau Jr

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