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Indoor Remodeling Projects To Work On This Winter

Have you been thinking of making some changes to a room or two in your home? Maybe the paint is looking a little drab in your guest room, or the tile flooring in your bathroom has seen better days. Winter is an ideal time of year to remodel the interior of your home. Find out why you should refresh the look of your home during the winter season, then check out some of these ideas to get you thinking in a creative way.

Why Remodel in the Wintertime?

Remodeling the inside of your home means you get to avoid the cold. That’s reason number one. Also, many contractors are less busy with projects at this time of year, so if you need to have major remodeling work done, you may not have to wait as long to start the process. In addition, materials used for remodeling projects can be purchased at closeout prices at this time of year.

Ideas for Winter Home Improvement Projects

Paint a Room or Two

One of the simplest remodeling projects to take on in the wintertime is painting a room. Today, this process is easier than it has ever been with the introduction of paints with primer in them, so when you want to transform the olive-green walls in a bedroom to a pastel blue, you don’t have to put primer on the walls before starting to paint. If there’s white trim around the doors and elsewhere in the room, give it a fresh coat of white paint. This will make your new wall color look even more appealing. Why wait for spring to arrive to give your walls fresh color?

Remodel the Basement

The question of whether to call a contractor here depends on the type of remodeling you want done. If you want to paint the walls or replace the fixtures in the basement’s bathroom, you can probably handle that yourself. But if you want to put in new carpeting, add some built-in bookshelves to one wall, or install a new toilet, sink, and vanity in the bathroom, then bringing in a contractor might be a good idea.

Install New Flooring

Want a new tile floor in your kitchen or foyer? There are certain types of tile you can install yourself. Often, you can find helpful instructional videos online that walk you through how to prepare a floor and install what’s known as peel and stick tile. Of course, there are also contractors who will install any type of flooring you want, from wood to tile to carpet.

Update the Look of Your Bathroom

Sometimes, just one or two changes made to a bathroom can completely refresh its appearance. A contractor can come in and replace the old, faded tile in the shower or around the bathtub with porcelain tile featuring a different color and design. Maybe you want to replace the dull, vinyl tile flooring with hexagonal ceramic tiles in a bright color. Updating the look of your bathroom can be as simple as buying new handles and hinges for your cabinets and installing new fixtures on the sink. Remember, you don’t have to remodel the whole bathroom all at once. You can remodel in a gradual way with little changes over time. I like the idea of starting small with replacing sink fixtures or adding a bit of paint to the walls just to see where else your creativity will take you.

Refresh the Look of Your Kitchen

Asking a contractor to take out your old laminate countertops and put in countertops of granite or marble would be an excellent way to refresh the appearance of your kitchen this winter. If you have a plain wall behind your sink, consider putting up a peel-and-stick backsplash. They’re available in many colors and designs and can have the appearance of real tile. The best part is you can put it up yourself!

I hope these suggestions give you the inspiration you need to get started on a fun remodeling project this winter. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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