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A Garage Door For Your Personality


Does the appearance of a garage door say something about its owner’s personality? Some garage door designs are simple, while others are complicated. Some are colorful, while others are monochromatic. The good news is that there are plenty of designs and colors to choose from. Which garage door best reflects your personality?


The Castilian-style door is divided in half and made up of equally sized, long, thin panels. One thicker panel runs crosswise over each side. In addition, there are two horizontal panels on each half of the door. This is a design that looks ordinary but has a bit of a twist. It can complement a home with unique details and flourishes in its façade. If you are someone who likes to occasionally change up the routine, then this may be the door style for you!


The Charleston garage door is divided in half with six rectangular windows at the top of each section. Three evenly spaced, recessed rectangular panels are featured beneath the windows. The small windows on this door can provide you with plenty of privacy. If you have small windows on your front door or elsewhere on the façade of your home, you may want to select this design. A person who likes balance and logic in all things is likely to appreciate this style.


The Franciscan door has a straightforward, plain design. This door is divided in half with three rectangular windows at the top that are equal in size. Beneath those windows are two large rectangular panels that run vertically down the length of the door. If you have a home with an ornate design, you may want to go with this simple door to balance out the overall picture. Someone with an organized, no-nonsense personality would likely be happy with this style.

Queen Anne

The Queen Anne garage door has small windows at the top that cascade down to the edge of the frame. The middle section of the door is filled with equally sized long, thin, raised panels. The bottom of the door displays two smaller sections of those same panels. Just think of a home with a white picket fence and a white Queen Anne-style garage door: I think that would make a great picture, don’t you? One drawback of this door is that the windows are small and may not let much sunlight into your garage. But if you like elegant simplicity, then this style may be your best bet!

Valley Forge

The most unique thing about the Valley Forge design is its curved window at the top of the door. This stands out from the simple design of the remainder of the door. The middle section of the window is divided into three parts, while the side sections are divided into two smaller windows. Four long panels run beneath the side windows, while several long, thin panels run beneath the middle window section. The Valley Forge is an ideal choice if you have a rounded window in your front door design or rounded windows on the façade of your home. The small, high windows on this door would give you privacy while letting some sunshine into the structure. If you’re someone who leads an ordered life but also enjoys a bit of whimsy, then this door would flow nicely with your personality.


A Victorian-style garage door is divided down the middle into two sections. Each section has a large window with a gently slanting design. The large windows are divided into eight smaller windows. The door below each window is divided into two rows of four panels that are all equal in size. A Victorian garage door complements a home with the same type of even, symmetrical design features. Also, the high, small windows provide you with some privacy. However, if you’re looking for a door with a strikingly interesting design, this is not the style for you. If you make a lot of to-do lists and crave order in your life, then this garage door would be a perfect reflection of your personality.

Next time you’re shopping for a garage door, try choosing one that says something about you! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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