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10 Ways Families Can Keep Active In The Winter

Are you and your family members getting out to play in the snow this winter? Or are you watching a lot of television and spending hours on the computer? If you want to get moving this winter, there are a lot of fun ways to do it. This week, I have some suggestions for families who want to stay active together during the cold months.

  1. Ice Skating. Ice skating gets your muscles working and your heart going, and most importantly, it can lead to a lot of laughter. Do you have access to a pond that has frozen solid this winter? If so, great! You can buy used ice skates at a store that sells secondhand sports equipment. If you don’t have a nearby pond, check to see if your city sets up an ice rink each winter for the public to use. I suggest enjoying a few mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows with your family after skating.
  2. Make Snowmen. This is a traditional activity that was as fun for families 50 years ago as it is today. Get the kids and adults involved by having a competition for the best snowman. Use old hats, gloves and scarves for the competition. Be sure to put them in the front yard for all the neighbors to enjoy.
  3. A Winter Hike. Get everyone to put on a pair of thick socks and some boots for a walk through the woods. Take some time to notice the bird and squirrel nests up in the leafless trees. Try to figure out what type of bird built each nest you see. Take the family dog along with you, if you have one, so it can enjoy the winter scenery, too.
  4. Build a Snow Fort. If you aren’t into building snowmen, you can opt for a snow fort. The best thing about building a snow fort with family is that everyone can have a job. Little kids can roll snow balls and pile them to start a wall. Bigger kids can push the snow down to make sure the wall is secure. Adults can lift the heavier blocks of snow to put them in place.
  5. Play a Game of Frisbee. When you think of playing Frisbee, you probably imagine a park on a sunny afternoon. Why not play it in the snow? Get a bright red Frisbee and play a game in the front yard. The slipping and sliding involved in this game is sure to cause lots of giggles.
  6. Build an Indoor Fort. Blankets, pillows, comforters, and sheets are all materials you can use to build a fort with your kids. Drape some blankets over a couple of chairs and decorate the inside of your fort with throw pillows.
  7. Make a Home Theater. Set up some chairs in rows in your living room in front of the television. Put out a buffet of popcorn, soda, chips, candy, and other movie theater fare. Let one of your kids direct everyone to their seats with a flashlight, then dim the lights and enjoy a favorite family film together.
  8. Mini-Golf. Find some old golf balls and use brooms as golf clubs. Ramps can be made with old pieces of wood, and empty vegetable cans can serve as the holes in your course. Get creative and set up a challenging mini-golf course for your family members.
  9. Freeze Dance. This easy game is played by gathering all your family together. One person gets to turn on the radio or CD player, and everyone else must dance until the music goes off. They must immediately freeze in place when the music stops, or they are out! The last person left out on the dance floor is the winner.
  10. Indoor Rock Climbing. If you have a YMCA or a fitness center near your home, take the opportunity to try the rock climbing wall with your family. This is a great exercise for muscles, helps with balance, and is challenging fun for all ages.

Whether you stay indoors or venture outside, try some of these activities with your family. Make your winter days memorable for everyone! Thanks for reading. – Alan with Alan’s Factory Outlet

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