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16 Things You Will Find In EVERY Garage

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What’s in Your Garage?

I’ve always been a big fan of metal garages. They’re versatile and great for people who need a little or a lot of extra space. Families can store any number of things in a garage. Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are certain items that always seem to end up in the garage. Take a look at my list to see if you have any of these things tucked away in your own garage.

16 Things You Will Find in Every Garage

  1. A Claw Hammer: A claw hammer is one of the most commonly seen items in a garage. It’s right there whenever you need to pound in a loose nail or two.
  2. A Wrench: This is another tool that comes in handy when a household repair needs to be done. There’s nothing like a trusty wrench to help you loosen a rusty bolt underneath the kitchen sink!
  3. Old Paint Cans: After painting a room or touching up the trim on a doorframe, there are very few places to put a paint can that still has one cup of paint left in the bottom. Instead of stashing it in the house, you decide to get it out of sight. The result is a collection of old paint cans in the garage.
  4. A Ladder: You may have more than one ladder in your garage. A ladder can be an invaluable item when cleaning gutters, checking on the roof’s shingles or changing a light bulb in your home that’s located near the ceiling.
  5. A Garden Hose: Most people have a garden hose in the garage so they can water the flowers, wash the car or RV under the detached metal carport, or hook it up to the sprinkler for the kids. You may hang the garden hose on the wall of your garage or coil it up in a decorative bowl. No matter how you store it, it’s one of the most useful items you can own.
  6. Garbage Cans: Whether you have two or six, garbage cans claim floor space in many garages across the country.
  7. Extra Motor Oil: The garage is the perfect place for motor oil . If your car needs a little refreshment, you can take care of it right there.
  8. Work Gloves: You don’t have to be a dedicated do-it-yourselfer to have a pair of work gloves in the garage. You can slip them on when you take the garbage cans to the curb, dig in your garden, or even when you change the litter box for the cat!
  9. Tools in a Toolbox: With a toolbox in the garage, your screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure and other necessities are all right there so you take care of your honey do list with ease!
  10. Empty Flower Pots: When a flower dies or is dumped out of its pot by a stray raccoon, the pot always seems to end up in the garage. Pretty soon you have a collection of clay flower pots that could hold all of the flowers in a good-sized green house.
  11. Spiders: It’s safe to say that spiders have taken up residence in your garage. The kind of spiders you have depends on where you live. But, don’t be too quick to sweep them away. They can eat the flies and other insects that also try to invade your storage space.
  12. A Collection of Nails and Screws: Miscellaneous nails and screws are a staple in many garages. They are sometimes found in small plastic containers, spread around in a drawer, or even in glass baby food jars. It’s best to organize and label them so you can find just what you need for a small repair job.
  13. A Basketball: Whether it’s tucked up in the rafters or rolling around in one corner, there always seems to be a basketball in the garage. Anyone up for a quick game?
  14. A Bottle of Glass Cleaner: A bottle of glass cleaner is a common sight on a garage shelf. It’s so convenient to grab the bottle to clean a muddy or blurry windshield before leaving on a road trip.
  15. A Dustpan: Sweeping leaves, dirt, or dead insects out of the garage is simple with the help of a dustpan . It’s a convenient item to store and use.
  16. Old Newspapers: You may have stopped your daily delivery, but you may still have a gathering of old newspapers stacked up in the garage. Fortunately, they can be reused in a variety of ways.

Feel free to add to my list. Thanks for reading! Alan

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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