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The Tallest Buildings on Every Continent

The world is full of architectural marvels, and our cities’ skylines offer iconic visualizations of their unique buildings and skyscrapers. Early on in history, pyramids and churches were the world’s tallest buildings, but in recent years, architects have been racing to build skyscrapers taller than the last. But how do the tallest buildings in the world compare to each other?

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The Tallest Building in Asia

Asia is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. How tall is the Burj Khalifa? It stands 2,715 feet (828 meters) tall. It’s been the world’s tallest building since its construction in 2010, overtaking Taipei 101, which had held the title since 2004. The Burj Khalifa has 57 elevators, eight escalators, and 24,348 windows. The building is so massive that it takes 36 workers approximately three to four months to clean the whole exterior.

The Tallest Building in North America

North America’s tallest building is One World Trade Center in New York, NY. At 1,776 feet (541 meters), it’s also the tallest building in America. Its height in feet is a reference to the year the Declaration of Independence was signed in the United States. One World Trade Center was officially opened in 2014 at the site of the original World Trade Center complex, which was destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Tallest Building in Europe

The tallest building in Europe is the Lakhta Center, an 87-story skyscraper in Saint Petersburg, Russia, that was constructed in 2019. It stands 1,517 feet (462.5 meters) tall. In addition to being the tallest building in Europe and Russia, it’s also the 14th tallest building in the world. It once held the Guinness World Record for longest continuous concrete pour when its foundation was laid, but that record has since been broken.

The Tallest Building in Oceania

Oceania’s tallest building is Queensland Tower One, more commonly known as Q1, located in Gold Coast, Australia. At 1,058 feet (323 meters), it was the tallest residential building in the world from the time of its construction in 2005 until 2011. Its design was inspired by the iconic Sydney Opera House as well as the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch. In addition to apartments, the building contains several restaurants and a spa.

The Tallest Building in South America

Gran Torre Santiago, also known as the Costanera Center Torre 2, is a 62-story steel skyscraper located in Santiago, Chile. It’s 984 feet (300 meters) tall, and it’s the fourth-tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. It contains an observatory called Sky Costanera, which is the highest observatory in all of Latin America.

The Tallest Building in Africa

Africa’s tallest building is The Leonardo, a 768-foot (234-meter) property located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Construction started on The Leonardo in 2015 and was completed in 2019. The development is home to stores at street level, luxury apartments and penthouses, restaurants, and a spa.

The Tallest Building in Antarctica

While there are no skyscrapers or towering luxury apartment buildings in Antarctica, the tallest buildings on the continent are the Long Duration Balloon Payload Preparation Buildings, which stand 49 feet (15 meters) tall.

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