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Metal Garage Vs. Stick-Built Garage

When buying a metal garage, you’re likely to come across both prefab and stick-built garages. They’re similar, but have some significant differences between them.

A prefabricated metal garage is manufactured in a factory, and delivered and installed on-site on a concrete slab or a gravel foundation. They are made out of steel tube framing and steel panels for the roof and sides.

Stick-built garages are built on-site with wood framing by a local contractor.

Stick-Built Garage Benefits

  • Stick-built garages can be attached to your house or built as a separate outbuilding
  • Stick-built garages are easier to insulate, heat, and cool
  • You can build it any way you want
  • You can add a loft or apartment above the garage

Prefabricated Metal Garage Benefits

  • Metal garages usually cost much less than stick-built garages
  • Metal garages don’t have issues with termites or rot
  • Metal garages are fire-proof
  • Almost no material is wasted in the construction process

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