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Metal Garages Prices in Florida

Proudly serving Naples, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida, Alan’s Factory Outlet offers free delivery and setup on all orders over $5,000. This is included in the metal garage prices. All of the Florida metals garages are certified, which means they are rated for 150 MPH wind. Prefab garages in Florida will cover the need for extra storage.

Prices below are fully enclosed with 9′ side height.  Garage doors, walk in doors and windows are not included in prices.  Refer to 2nd page of pdf price list for garage door, walk in door and window prices.

Click here for a PDF of the carport and metal garage prices in FL

Florida Metal Garage Prices Fully Enclosed with 9′ side height (Garage doors, walk in doors & windows not included)

  • Regular Style
  • Boxed Eave Style
  • Vertical Roof Style
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,640$4,100$4,550$5,020$4,970
25’ long$4,250$4,610$5,160$5,730$6,280
30’ long$4,780$5,240$5,890$6,560$7,110
35’ long$5,275$5,575$6,485$7,255$7,905
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,840$4,200$4,750$5,320$5,770
25’ long$4,350$4,810$5,460$6,030$6,580
30’ long$4,980$5,440$6,290$6,860$7,510
35’ long$5,575$6,035$6,985$7,655$8,110
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$4,140$4,500$5,150$5,620$6,170
25’ long$4,850$5,210$5,960$6,530$7,080
30’ long$5,580$6,040$6,790$7,460$8,010
35’ long$6,275$6,735$7,585$8,255$8,905
40’ long$6,995$7,555$8,505$9,275$10,025

Download PDF
Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDF

PDF of the Carport and Metal Building Prices in Florida

metal garage prices
metal building prices fl

Also available for metal sheds in Florida:

12 GA 2 1/4″ framing 20 year limited rust through warranty
Certified buildings 170 mph
Certified buildings 26, 30, 40, 50 and 60 wide steel buildings.

Regular Roof Style

Standard height 9′ legs
Affordable price ranges 12×20 for $3055 to 24×36 for $6575 plus cost of garage door

Boxed Eave Roof Style

Standard height 9′ legs
Affordable price ranges 12×20 for $3155 to 24×36 for $6925 plus cost of garage door

Vertical Roof Style

Standard height 9′ legs
Affordable price ranges from 12×20 for $3455 to 24×41 for $8325 plus garage door cost

Land/Cement Must Be Level

Please make sure to check with your local county code to find out what they require for your location.

Cement must be level and square corner to corner.
Return to trip fees will be applied if building is not installed.

Waiver Policy

Alan’s Factory Outlet recommends all buildings over 35′ long to be a vertical roof style.
Customer must sign waiver on regular or boxed eave style longer than 35′ due to potential issues at seams.
Not responsible for leaks under base rales.

Florida Metal Garage Colors

Available Metal Garage Colors

*Actual colors may vary slightly.

Alan’s Factory Outlet offers a variety of color choices, because we understand your need to customize your new metal garage. All of our available colors look clean and attractive on any prefab garages in Florida.

metal buildings and carport color chart

Estimated Delivery Time for Carports and Metal Garages

Delivery time page

We offer carports and metal buildings for delivery and installation in popular cities throughout the United States.

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