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How Tall Should an RV Carport Be?

RVs are great to have during the spring, summer, and even fall months. They make it easy to pack up and go for an amazing weekend getaway into nature whenever you want. However, when those cold winter winds start blowing, you need to make sure your RV is well protected from the elements. One of the best ways to ensure your RV is safe and secure is with a metal RV carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

To determine how tall of an RV carport you should purchase, take a look at your RV’s dimensions. Class A and C RVs average about 10′ high and Class B RVs are generally 7′ to 9′ tall. We recommend your carport be 12′ high to ensure you have plenty of clearance when driving your RV in and out.

You should also consider the width of your RV. The average width of an RV is 12′ wide, but RVs with slideout sides can extend to 18′. Make sure the carport you order has proper clearance on the sides as well as the top.

Lastly, take into account the length of your RV. You want to make sure that your RV is completely covered when pulled into your carport. Class A RVs can range anywhere from 25′ to 45 ‘ long. So, order a carport that’s at least as long as your RV, though preferably one with a couple of extra feet of length to ensure it is adequately protected.

The metal carports from Alan’s Factory Outlet can be customized using the specifications you need for your RV. Get started today by browsing our available carports or by designing your own using our 3D builder tool.

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