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What Size Carport Do I Need for a Pontoon Boat?

Two boats are covered by a partially-enclosed metal carport

Design and Price Your Boat Carport

Design and Price Your Boat Carport Design and Price Now

There’s nothing quite like taking your pontoon boat out on the lake for some well-deserved relaxation on a warm summer day. When summer comes to a close, though, and it’s time to pack up your pontoon boat, you’ll want to be sure that it’ll be safe from the elements during those long winter months. With a custom metal carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can rest easy knowing that your boat is sheltered from the rain, snow, sun, hail, and wind, so it will be ready to go when those sunny days come around again!

Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Pontoon Boat’s Carport

When considering what size carport for a pontoon boat is right for you, you’ll want to turn to the source of your dilemma: the boat itself. Generally speaking, pontoon boats usually measure about 8 feet in width, somewhere between 18 and 25 feet in length, and between 6 and 11.6 feet high, though you’ll want to add 2 or 3 feet to that to account for the height of the trailer it will be sitting on. Taking all of this into account when deciding what size carport for a pontoon boat you need, you’ll want your carport to be about 12 to 18 feet wide, 20 to 30 feet high, and possibly up to 30 feet long.

However, pontoon boats don’t come in one universal size, and for that reason, neither do our carports. Each of our carports can be custom-made to fit your exact specifications, so it’s a good idea to start by measuring the dimensions of your specific boat. This will make it far easier to create a carport that you’ll be happy with.

How Much Does a Carport for a Pontoon Boat Cost?

Due to the variety of sizes and customization options, carport prices can vary. For our smallest carport option, prices start at about $1,500, but they can range up to more than $7,500 for some of the larger models. For a more accurate estimate of your carport’s price, use our 3D carport-builder tool to create your new carport and see how much it will cost.

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