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Building Your Own DIY & Hobby Space

A well designed hobby area will save you time and energy while increasing your productivity. It’s important to be organized when creativity strikes. How you build your space and organize your tools will help your process when it is time to get to work. It’s important to have your tools clearly labeled and easily accessible, consider keeping storage within arms reach of your work station. Clear containers are also helpful for being able to find what you need when it is time to use it. Labeling your tools can also minimize stress and frustration when searching for items. Placing hooks and pegboards on the wall can be a great way to optimize your space while giving you more storage for tools. After finishing your work for the day make sure not to neglect your space, it is important to put things back where they belong!

Be considerate of the environment for your workspace. For example if you were to create your space in the garage, certain temperatures and climates can be damaging to your craft. Avoid having the sun shine directly on your workspace, not only can heat spikes be uncomfortable but they might warp certain objects. Also for artists the sunlight can cause discoloration on your pieces. It is also important to be mindful of moisture if you are working with electronics.

While organizing your supplies is important be sure to also plan how you will store your works in progress. Having a workspace you can hide or a spot to cover your work is useful for protecting it. If you cannot cover your piece try to dedicate a shelf, large bin, or other type of area to set your piece. If your space is getting crowded a high shelf could be a good solution for storing your work, it could also provide some extra protection as well.

Having an organized area dedicated to your hobbies can help you start making your art a priority. Here are some helpful resources to help inspire your workspace.

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