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The Top 10 Apples Ranked By Sweetness

granny smith apples

It’s so nice to wander the grocery store’s produce department or local farmers’ market at this time of year looking at the displays of colorful, sweet apples. You likely have a few favorite apples you enjoy in salads and desserts. Of course, there are many apples that are perfectly delicious to eat right off the tree! Today, I’m ranking apples from the tartest to the sweetest. Enjoy!

10. Jonagold. These apples have a tangy, sharp taste with a sweet scent. They were originally grown in New York but also grow in Washington state and across the central area of the United States. Tangy Jonagolds are perfect for cookies, pies, and salads.

9. Winesap. The most suitable adjectives to describe Winesap apples are “spicy” and “tart.” This is why many apple ciders are made with Winesap apples. These apples are grown mostly in the eastern part of the United States.

8. Melrose. This fragrant apple is known for its tart taste, but that hasn’t stopped it from earning the title of the official apple of Ohio. These apples can hold their shape in an apple pie recipe, making them great for baking. That’s good because there’s nothing worse than an apple pie with mushy apples; don’t you agree?

7. Granny Smith. Whether it’s at your local farmers’ market or the grocery store, these beautiful green apples are hard to overlook. They are tart and tangy, which makes them very popular for baking. Though the Granny Smith is perfectly at home in American apple pie, this apple originates from Australia. They made the trip to America in the 1960s, when they were grown on farms in Washington state.

6. Cortland. The Cortland apple has a tartness to it that provides a little kick when you bite into it. The white flesh of this apple stays fresh for longer than many apples, making them a popular choice to eat raw. They are grown in the eastern part of the United States.

5. Golden (Yellow) Delicious. A sweet tasting apple that is great to put into desserts or salads, the Golden Delicious also freezes well if you want some slices to eat later on. Golden Delicious are grown in the midsection of the country.

4. Rome Beauty. The appearance of this apple is true to its name. It has a mild sweetness and a perfect shape. They grow mostly in the Midwest. I think a Rome Beauty would be a great addition to a child’s lunchbox for school or an adult’s work lunchbox, for that matter!

3. Gala. If you make a recipe with gala apples, you don’t have to add extra sugar because these apples come with their own sweetness. They are excellent for apple pie, cookies, muffins, and other desserts because they hold their shape during the cooking process. Gala apples originated in New Zealand in 1934, but they’re relatively recent to our country, having been introduced commercially in the 1970s.

2. Honeycrisp. This apple has a distinctively sweet taste and is a favorite that is only around for a few months in the autumn. These hardy apples originated in Minnesota. Honeycrisps are memorable in pies, sauces, and salads as well as by themselves.

1. Fuji. Put together American favorite the Red Delicious and the Virginia Ralls Janet and you get the Fuji apple! Fujis are full of sweetness, earning them the number one spot on my list. They originated in Japan in the 1930s and arrived in America during the 1960s. Many are grown in Washington state. Fuji apples are a favorite for eating raw. They can also dress up any salad, sauce, or dessert recipe you have in mind.

If you’d like to add more to your apple knowledge, check out our chart featuring apple varieties. You’re sure to discover some new ones to try! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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