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9 Amazing Backyard Gazebos


A beautiful gazebo can be the highlight of any backyard. It’s the perfect place to read, chat with neighbors, or enjoy a glass of iced tea in the shade. For this week’s blog, I thought I’d inspire you with some backyard designs that revolve around a gazebo. Enjoy!

Nine Amazing Backyard Gazebos

1. A Poolside Gazebo: Start with an octagonal gazebo made of white wood featuring a black shingled roof. Then, picture it sitting in a backyard next to an in-ground swimming pool. The gazebo is screened in so friends and family can sit without being bothered by mosquitoes. I can’t imagine a better place to dry off after a relaxing swim!

2. A Garden Gazebo: Imagine a small, oval gazebo with a double roof design set in the middle of a lush rose garden. Red, white, and pink roses grow all around the borders of the gazebo while ivy vines are twining themselves around its posts. All of the greenery around this gazebo makes it a vital part of this garden.

3. A Wrought-Iron Gazebo: This gazebo would definitely be a standout in anyone’s backyard. Its dome “roof” consists of an intricate pattern of designs done in green wrought iron. Six slender, ornate pillars support the roof. There’s plenty of room for an arrangement of a few chairs or even a settee. Trees, ferns, and even a little waterfall surround this beautiful structure. This gazebo is more decorative than practical, so I suggest you take an umbrella along just in case it starts to rain!

4. A Hot Tub Gazebo: Picture a hot tub gazebo situated out in a spacious backyard filled with mature trees. The roof of the gazebo provides protection for people enjoying the warm, bubbling water, and the trees offer privacy.

5. A Gazebo for Dinner with Friends: This gazebo has a stone floor and a small table and chairs in its center. A comfortable sitting area is available for after dinner, and there is even a light fixture above the table for those late-night gatherings.

6. A Gazebo with a Swing: Imagine an intimate backyard featuring a classic octagonal gazebo with a wooden swing hanging inside it. Two people can enjoy a chat while gently swinging under the protective roof of a lovely gazebo. Two large palm plants sitting on the floor and hanging pots of ferns could decorate the interior of the gazebo.

7. A Gazebo by the Pond: Check out this gazebo that looks like it’s surrounded by a small fish pond. It’s the highlight of this serene yard that has been transformed into a home for fish, frogs, and other pond life. Imagine reading or chatting with friends while watching a group of lily pads float by!

8. A Classic Gazebo in a Lively Backyard: Consider a simple octagonal gazebo surrounded by a garden full of flowers and plants that attract hummingbirds. There are a variety of colorful flowers that appeal to hummingbirds, including azaleas, red buckeyes, flowering quince, and cardinal flowers. Envision yourself relaxing in your gazebo while watching an Anna’s hummingbird or ruby-throated hummingbird drink nectar from a nearby flower!

9. A Bridge to a Gazebo: A gazebo in a picturesque garden is connected to a bridge. Beneath the double roof of this white gazebo are several lush hanging plants and flowers. Family and friends who want to spend some time in this gazebo must walk across a small footbridge to get there. It’s a secret hideaway in the backyard!

Good luck with your designs, and thanks for reading! – Alan

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