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Alan’s Factory Outlet Guide to Wood Carving

People have been carving wood for artistic purposes since very early in human history. Some of the earliest religious art was developed through wood carving techniques. Since wood carvings are subject to rot and other forms of wear, however, there are few remaining artifacts from ancient times. You might think of large monuments such as traditional totem poles and even the ornate gates outside of many Asian temple structures as examples; there are also many authentic medieval samples from across Europe that survive to the present day. Wood carving is truly one of humanity’s earliest forms of art; however, it is also highly accessible to beginners. Because wood carving can be learned with a small set of relatively simple and inexpensive tools, it has consistently been a popular hobby across many cultures, and it persists in its popularity to the present day.

One of the unique aspects of wood carving is the fact that, throughout history, different regions have had very different traditions and practices surrounding this art form. Most artists could only obtain a few types of wood that were native to their local area. Styles were influenced by whether the woods were hard or soft, what colors were available, and their other properties. Wood carving had the opportunity to evolve independently in many regions, and adapted to the culture, climate, and available tools. Likewise, wood carving has frequently been used to express the spiritual beliefs of many traditions, from Christianity to Buddhism to indigenous belief systems. The methods and styles of each area and era are unique because they bear the imprint of what resources were available at that time and what subjects artists felt were important

These days, a much wider variety of wood is available for those who would like to try their hand at wood carving. Wood carving has become a vibrant hobby that includes many professional and hobbyist associations. It has also come to encompass a variety of styles, including chip carving, chainsaw carving, and several others, many of which are modern and date back only as far as the 1960s or 1980s. On the internet and at local marketplaces around the country, you might find the works of professional wood carvers who do all of their work in this medium. To get started with this interesting and engaging art form, review the resources below. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our Guide to Wood Carving!

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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