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A Guide to Metal Detecting for Beginners

Everyday people are outside walking, running, and generally enjoying being outdoors. While outdoors moving, many times people tend to lose coins, keys and other objects and are not recovered. In fact, there is a vast array of items that are just waiting to be found. And, the way to find them is through metal detecting.

Metal detecting has been a hobby that became popular with the invention of the metal detector. In the late 19th Century, the first metal detector was created. Using the concepts of electricity and magnetism, the metal detector was used to determine where metal objects may reside.

Metal detecting has been a fun and sometimes lucrative hobby which can be done by people of all age. To help you learn about metal detectors and metal detecting, please feel free to review the following information.

  • Archeology and Metal Detecting – Useful article from the BBC showing how metal detecting is used in the field of archeology.
  • Metal Detecting 101 – Information from National Geographic showing the history and use of detecting.
  • Make Your Own Metal Detector – Website with a video describing how kids can make their own metal detector.
  • Basic Principles (PDF) – Useful guide which provides basic information on metal detecting.
  • Beginners Guide – Information on metal detecting that would be useful for beginners.
  • Metal Detecting Tools – Webpage providing newcomers to detecting with information about the tools needed.
  • Detecting Beginners Guide – Helpful collection of commonly asked questions as well as answers for the beginning detector.
  • Metal Detecting – Useful website with a great deal of information about metal detecting.
  • Theory and Practice – Information on the various types of metal detectors.
  • How Metal Detectors Work – Helpful article providing information on how metal detectors operate to pick up steel and other metals.
  • Tips and Techniques – Helpful page which gives several helpful tips and techniques for metal detecting.
  • Metal Detecting Tips – Information and tips for people interested in metal detecting as a hobby.
  • Tips and Tricks – Useful article with a number of helpful tips for metal detecting.
  • Detecting Tips and Tricks – Helpful web page with suggestions from experienced metal detectors.
  • Secrets for Beginners – Page of helpful resources which provides tips for beginners.
  • Metal Detecting and the Law – Webpage which provides information on metal detecting, archeology and the law.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in providing information on the fun hobby of metal detecting. Visit this page often and good luck in your new hobby.

By Alan Bernau Jr

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