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30×60 Metal Garage


A 30×60 garage provides an owner with a tremendous amount of space for large vehicles of all kinds as well as bulky equipment. Naturally, if you’re looking for a garage of this size, you want a quality structure that gives you peace of mind about the security of your property. We have just what you’re looking for in our inventory of 30×60 garages at Alan’s Factory Outlet.

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Design and Price Your Metal Garage Design and Price Now

Space for Large Equipment and Vehicles

A 30×60 garage provides you with space to store cars, trucks, tractors, crop seeders, motorcycles, and other items that require a lot of room. In addition, a garage this large gives you enough space to safely move items and vehicles in and out as needed. You can expand your fleet of vehicles knowing that you have enough space to accommodate the new additions. Plus, having this amount of space means you can help out neighbors and friends in need of a temporary space to store their car or truck.

Protection From the Elements

Cars, trucks, tractors, and other types of equipment can suffer damage when left out in the elements. Rain, snow, and extreme cold can rust machinery parts, leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Also, high winds can cause light poles and trees to blow down, putting your vehicles at risk of damage. Purchasing a 30 x 60 garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet means you don’t have to worry about the condition of your expensive vehicles or equipment. Your property will be protected from the elements 365 days a year!

Sturdy, Attractive Shelter

Our 30×60 garages offer more than just secure protection from the elements. They contribute appeal to the appearance of your property as well. You can choose a garage roof in one of our three styles: regular, boxed-eave, or vertical. Plus, our garages are available in a variety of colors that can coordinate with or complement other structures on your property. We can help you customize your order to get exactly what you’re looking for in a new garage.

30×60 Metal Carport

Quality Combined With Convenience

When you order a 30 x 60 garage, we deliver it to you on a date that suits your schedule. We offer estimated delivery dates so you can get an idea of what sort of time frame to expect. In addition, we provide free delivery to many states. Our experienced installers know how to build your garage safely and efficiently. We are available to answer any questions you have about delivery, installation, or any other step in the process. In addition, we can talk with you about a foundation for your garage and offer our recommendations. If you aren’t sure which roof style to buy, we can discuss the merits of each one and help you through the process of choosing a garage you’ll be happy with.

If you want reliable shelter with space to spare, we have what you need at Alan’s Factory Outlet. Call now or contact us online to talk about adding a modern 30×60 garage to your property.

Design and Price Your Metal Garage

Design and Price Your Metal Garage Design and Price Now
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