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Tips for Keeping Your Garage & Shed Organized

Streamlined Storage

One of the best places to store and organize things you don’t immediately need is in a metal garage. You can easily buy or build a freestanding storage unit to hold household cleaning supplies, seasonal garden supplies or tools. Simply add a pegboard in an accessible location to easily grab commonly used tools. Avoid storing hazardous chemicals or paints near the house; store these items in a building that is free standing so that in the event of a spill, your living and work space are not contaminated.

Shelf Smarts

Shelving allows you to store boxes and items in a way that they are and floor clutter. When you choose to use shelves that can be adjusted, you can store objects of different sizes or change the way your shelves are arranged on an as-needed basis. Adjustable shelving allows you to change your storage needs to accommodate new tools or items in your garage or in your outside storage shed.

All-in-One Workstation

An all-in-one workstation allows you to multi-task in the garage. Build a workstation for potting plants, a pegboard behind it for storing tools and shelving underneath to store larger items. When you organize your garage or storage space, it allows you to downsize and de-clutter. Create an all-in-one workstation that allows you to work on different projects as they arise. Add a metal toolbox on wheels, wall-mounted hooks or cabinets above the workbench for more storage. When you organize your garage or storage space, start by organizing items into things you keep, discard or donate.

Handy Hardware

Pegboards offer alternatives to storing tools that are used all the time. It keeps tools out of the way, but can be readjusted, rearranged or reorganized to meet changing needs. By using a pegboard, you can keep frequently used tools readily available. Add hooks to make it easy to get at the tools you constantly use such as hammers, screwdrivers, pruning shears or more. The benefits of being organized make your work in the garden or garage enjoyable.

All Hung Up

Instead of cluttering the floor or leaning tools against the wall (which can create tripping hazards and falling tools) clean up your space by hanging your shovels, rakes, hoes and other garden tools off the ground. Organization allows you to work safely and keep tools out of the way. With a pegboard, you can organize your garden shed or garage and add color to it. Use bright colors to designate where specific items go. Store your garden hose in the winter by hanging it on the pegboard. As the season changes, so do your tool needs. You can keep seasonal tools where you need them when you use this multi-functional system for organization in your garage, garden or storage shed. Anything you don’t need can be sold at a garage sale.

Can It

Use small garbage cans to store pet foods to make it easy to de-clutter the house and move things to the garage. If you use small garbage cans to store your garden supplies such as dirt and wood chips, it keeps the messy bags out from underfoot. Garbage cans are sized from small to large. The smaller sizes sometimes have handles to make it easy to move them around in your storage or garage space. Whether you’re spring-cleaning or organizing for winter, “Can It,” to store it safely.

Move All You Want

Some newer storage systems allow you to change and rearrange your garage and shed storage space, as you need to. With slotted wall panels, cabinets can be hung or moved without damaging walls. These storage systems are made to last and are made of durable materials. They can keep chemicals and paints out of reach of children. When you need to reposition or reorganize your cabinets, empty the contest and move the cabinet where you want it to do. Sell things you don’t need at the neighborhood garage sale.

Smart and Sturdy Hooks

Great organizational tips ideas include slatted wall panels to give you the capability to add sturdy hooks to hang your garden and shrub maintenance tools out of the way. By using heavy-duty hooks with the slatted wall system, you’ll have multiple options for hanging rakes and shovels, seasonal tools such as snow shovels and leaf blowers.

Everything in its Place

The old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place,” also applies to your metal garages, garden or storage shed organization. When your tool needs don’t change, use a pegboard to hang tools. To make it easy to put tools back, use a heavy-duty felt-tip marker to draw an outline around the tool. A quick look makes it easy to know where your tools go. You can also add jars for screws and nails storage, add a metal ruler to the edge of a bench to make measuring quick and easy or magnetic clips that allow quick access to garden or workshop tools.

Hung Up to Dry

When you have a location in your storage shed or garage for all your tools after you use them, it allows them to easily dry out. Make it a habit to rinse off garden tools after use and hang them up to dry. Tools with long handles such as shovels and hoes are out of the way when they are hung up. Store power cords and hoses out of the way. Hang them up for easy access. The benefits of getting organized far outweigh the work it takes to de-clutter.


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