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Woodworking Resources – For the Beginning Builder

There are many reasons why people take up the hobby of woodworking. Some people find that the activity is a stress reliever. After a stressful day at work, they may discover that spending an hour or two in the workshop can help them to relax. Others take pride in building a table, chair, and other wooden furniture pieces with their own hands. In some cases, a person may be able to turn a woodworking hobby into a profitable furniture-making business. The following takes a closer look at the hobby of woodworking.


The activity of woodworking is a centuries-old practice. People in early civilizations began making wooden tools to help them in their daily lives. For instance, people made bowls and utensils in order to help with food preparation. Wood was also used in making coffins. Sturdy houses and barns were built with wood to replace unreliable forms of shelter. Eventually, people began to make pieces of furniture out of wood with the help of some rudimentary tools. Chairs, tables, cradles, and beds were made out of wood. Over the centuries, as tools were improved people figured out easier ways to measure and cut wood in a more precise way. Today, technology has helped lessen the time it takes to create a piece of wooden furniture. Band saws, sanders, and jigsaws are just a few of the electric devices that have made woodworking a more enjoyable process. People know more about the qualities of various types of wood. The processes of finishing and painting wood are two other enjoyable aspects of the hobby.

Tools Used

Aside from the electric saws mentioned above, there are some basic tools found in many woodworking shops. A beginner would be wise to gather some fundamental woodworking tools in order to start the hobby on the right foot. Sandpaper is an invaluable addition to the workshop of any woodworker. Whether it’s just a tiny, rough edge that needs to be sanded or an entire tabletop, sandpaper is a necessity to the hobby. A tape measure is another item found in a well-stocked workshop. Sawhorses, a hammer, nails, safety goggles, screwdrivers, and a vise are other items that woodworkers often use on projects. Having the necessary tools is a significant part of finding success in the hobby of woodworking.

Common Terms

Whether a beginning builder or woodworker is taking a class or simply starting out on his or her own, it’s helpful to know some vocabulary related to the hobby. For example, if someone is making a crosscut with a saw, he or she is making a cut perpendicular to the wood’s grain. Molding means that a woodworker is making a decorative surface on a piece of wood with the appropriate tool. A hand plane is a tool that smoothes a wooden surface as it slides across it. Learning about the various techniques and tool names of woodworking helps a person to progress in the hobby. Also, having the appropriate safety gear and knowledge of woodworking equipment is essential. It’s helpful to speak with an experienced woodworker about the hobby. Chances are, he or she will share some tips that will be helpful in learning the craft.

Famous Woodworkers

There are some people who not only excel in the skill of woodworking but choose to convey their knowledge to others. For example, Norm Abram is a well-known woodworker who teaches his craft on the long-time television program, This Old House. Many beginning woodworkers benefit from seeing a project as it is being created. Also, Norm Abram has written many books on the topic. A man named Roy Underhill is another famous woodworker who also has a television program. He hosts The Woodwright’s Shop and has also written extensively about the subject. The commonality between these famous woodworkers and other lesser-known ones is a love of the activity. Many woodworkers find contentment in the precise steps of a woodworking project.


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