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The 20 Longest Lasting Vehicles

There are many considerations people keep in mind when deciding to buy a car. Fuel economy, style, storage, and longevity all play a role in vehicle purchasing decisions. These are several cars on the market right now that can go more than 200,000 miles. But which are the longest-lasting cars and other vehicles available today?

The team at Alan’s Factory Outlet looked at data from iSeeCars to see what percentages of vehicles last more than 200,000 miles. Find out which cars top the list!

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20 longest lasting vehicles

Which Cars Last the Longest?

The following are the top 10 trucks, SUVs, and cars that last the longest in terms of mileage, along with the percentage of each vehicle that goes more than 200,000 miles:

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser: 18.2%
  2. Toyota Sequoia: 14.2%
  3. Chevrolet Suburban: 6.6%
  4. GMC Yukon XL: 5.2%
  5. Toyota 4Runner : 4.6%
  6. Ford Expedition: 4.5%
  7. Chevrolet Tahoe: 4.4%
  8. Toyota Tundra: 4.0%
  9. Toyota Avalon: 3.9%
  10. Toyota Prius: 3.9%

The Toyota Land Cruiser tops the list, as 18.2% of vehicles surpass the 200,000-mile mark, making it both the longest-lasting vehicle and the longest-lasting SUV. The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest-running series of models, with production starting in 1951. As of 2019, the Land Cruiser has sold more than 10 million units throughout the world.

The second vehicle on the list is another Toyota vehicle, the Sequoia, with 14.2% lasting more than 200,000 miles. Its body is derived from the popular Toyota Tundra pickup truck, and the SUV has been in production since 2000.

Next on the list of longest-lasting vehicles in the Chevrolet Suburban. This vehicle started production in 1934, making it the longest continuously used automobile nameplate in history. In 2019, the Suburban received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, noting that the vehicle has appeared in 1,750 films and TV shows since 1952.

What Auto Manufacturer Has the Longest-Lasting Vehicles?

Toyota is the auto manufacturer that produces the highest percentage of vehicles that exceed 200,000 miles, at 2.3%. Next on the list is Honda, with 1.9% of vehicles going farther than 200,000 miles. Coming in third is GMC, with 1.8% of GMC vehicles traveling more than 200,000 miles. Rounding out the top five are Chevrolet (1.6%) and Ford (1.5%).

How Long Do Cars Last?

Today’s vehicles generally last much longer than vehicles produced years ago. The average car is expected to log 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year. Most of today’s vehicles last a little more than 11 years and can go more than 200,000 miles in their lifetime if properly taken care of. Getting your car regularly serviced and protecting it by parking in a carport or garage will help extend the life of a vehicle.

What Cars Last the Longest?

These are the vehicles that have the highest percentage going farther than 200,000 miles.

RankVehiclePercentage of Cars Over 200,000 Miles
1Toyota Land Cruiser18.2%
2Toyota Sequoia14.2%
3Chevrolet Suburban6.6%
4GMC Yukon XL5.2%
5Toyota 4Runner4.6%
6Ford Expedition4.5%
7Chevrolet Tahoe4.4%
8Toyota Tundra4.0%
9Toyota Avalon3.9%
10Toyota Prius3.9%
11Toyota Highlander Hybrid3.8%
12GMC Yukon3.7%
13Honda Ridgeline3.7%
14Honda Odyssey3.2%
15Toyota Sienna3.2%
16Toyota Tacoma2.8%
17Nissan Titan2.6%
18Ford F-1502.4%
19Chevrolet Silverado 15002.3%
20GMC Sierra 15002.0%
  • Average for All Vehicles: 1.2%
  • Average for All Pickup Trucks: 2.2%

The Auto Brands With the Most Vehicles Over 200,000 Miles

RankCar BrandPercentage of Cars Over 200,000 Miles
  • Average for All Brands: 1.2%

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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