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12×20 Regular Carport

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12×20 Regular Carport

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This affordable 12x20 metal carport is made in the USA with American steel, making it stronger than an aluminum carport. With 240 square feet of covered space, it makes a great 1-car carport.

Customize the height, optional side panels, and colors below to see exactly how much this 12x20 carport costs with the options you need. We offer free delivery and installation instead of a kit.

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The leg height is the side wall height of the carport or metal garage. If you are looking for the center height clearance you can type in “center height clearance” in the ask a question on the bottom right of the page or you can always call or email with any questions.

Select the type of level surface you will provide. The level surface must be provided by the customer and we will install and anchor to the selected surface. The site must be level or no more than 3 to 4 inches off level.

Select the type of level surface you will provide. The level surface must be provided by the customer and we will install and anchor to the selected surface. The site must be level or no more than 3 to 4 inches off level. On the standard concrete mount the concrete pad must be pre-poured prior to install, and include a 2″ minimum extension of concrete beyond frame size, on all four sides. On the flush concrete mount option. Concrete pad must be pre-poured prior to install, pour pad to match frame size. This option includes concrete anchor brackets, to shift concrete anchors further inside the building, away from the edge of the pad.

If you select this upgrade, the carport or garage will be certified for 140 mph (winds) and 35 psf (snow).

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Product Description Specifications

This 12×20 carport is two feet wider than a 10×20 carport, giving you enough space to open your car doors without hitting the carport frame.

The 12 × 20 Regular Style Metal Carport comes standard with a 6’ tall side/leg height.

You can increase the side/leg height in 1’ increments, up to a 14’ tall side/leg height. The sides can be left open, or you could partially or fully enclose them. You can also choose to partially or fully enclose the gable section or entire end. This carport can even be a fully enclosed garage with doors and/or windows added.

Alan’s Factory Outlet 12×20 regular metal carport is 12′ wide by 20′ long and has 240 square feet of covered storage space.  Please feel free to call a customer service representative today at 1-800-488-6903 with any questions about the carports.

The metal carports shown here include free delivery and installation in Alabama AL, Arkansas AR, Georgia GA, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, North Carolina NC, Oklahoma OK, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Texas TX and Virginia VA. Delivery area may not be available in all locations.

*The metal carport prices are subject to change without notice

Upon ordering the 12 x 20 metal carport at Alan’s Factory Outlet, a 10% to 17% deposit is due with a credit or debit card. The balance is due once the steel carport is delivered and installed, payable directly to the install crew. Final payment can be made via credit card or money order.

Once you place an order, a member of our office staff will reach out to you to confirm your order. Additionally, a copy of the invoice will be sent to you via email to review and approve your purchase, which is designed to ensure the carport is ordered correctly.

The carport is anchored to your level dirt or gravel surface with rebar and auger type anchors (also sometimes called mobile home anchors). If you provide a level concrete pad or footing for the install surface, the installers will utilize red head expansion anchors instead. We can also anchor to a level asphalt pad using asphalt anchors. The location for the carport must be level or within at least 3″ of level or less. If the site is not level, we will not be able to install it. Please notify a member of our customer service team if you have a unique install surface so we can be sure install is possible.

All stated dimensions are in reference to the frame size, not the roof dimensions. The cement pad must be at least 4” wider and longer than the frame size of your carport or garage.

We delivery and install the carport or metal garages on your level foundation but we do not provide any foundation or site prepping services. The carports and metal garages are certified for 35 psf (pounds per square foot of snow) and 140 mph (wind rating). Upon request generic engineer blue print drawings are available, which may or may not be required to secure your permit.

The carports are made with 14 gauge galvanized steel framing, which is 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ square tubing. The metal sheeting is 29 gauge galvanized steel. There is a 90 day workmanship warranty.

The carports are custom-built in the size, style, and options you select. You can choose from 15 different colors for the roof and trim. If you close the sides or ends, you will be able to choose a color for that paneling as well.

Colors are approximate and may vary

12x20 metal carport colors

You can buy your metal carport online or you can order it by calling Alan’s Factory Outlet toll free at 1-800-488-6903.

Cars1 Car
Roof StyleRegular
Frame14 Gauge
Sorry, we don\’t deliver to the selected zip code.
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