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How to Keep Pests out of the Garage

It can be easy to get so caught up in keeping pests out of your home that you forget about your garage. Pests in your garage can take up residence and cause a lot of problems that you do not want to deal with. The best approach is to explore the many ways to get rid of garage pests and then take steps to keep the pests out for good. Once you are able to identify what kinds of pests you need to watch for, it becomes easier to build up defenses and protect your possessions and family from unwanted guests. The key is to get started as soon as possible on removing and keeping pests out of your garage.

Do a Complete Cleaning of Your Garage

It does not take much to attract pests. Once pests find a warm place to sleep and a steady supply of food in your garage, they are very unwilling to leave. That half-eaten cookie that your child dropped behind the spare tires in your garage could be all it takes to bring in a family of rats that will never leave. That is why the first step to getting rid of pests and keeping them out of your garage is to clean your garage thoroughly from top to bottom. Remove all garbage, especially rotted food items, and do your best to remove the low-level areas where pests can hide.

As you clean out your garage, you may start to find nests that are filled with pests. Sometimes these nests can be neutralized and removed with a store-bought repellent. But if you run into a large nest, then it is important to contact a professional exterminator immediately. Do not allow access to your garage until the exterminator has completed their job.

Re-Think How You Use Your Garage

Instead of just throwing items into your garage for storage, you need to get organized and eliminate the dark places pests like to hide. If you store food in your garage, then put it in plastic containers to prevent pests from consuming it and using it as a reason to make your garage their permanent home. Before storing your grill in your garage, be sure to clean it thoroughly and remove all food debris.

May people put their trash cans in their garage during the week because it is convenient. If you have your trash cans in your garage, then be sure to have lids securely in place at all times. It is a good idea to build a small platform for your garbage cans that is raised off of the floor of your garage to prevent pests from having access to your garbage.

Fill in the Cracks

Uninvited pests do not need an open door to find residence in your garage. After you have cleaned your garage, your next step is to take a flashlight and find all of the cracks in your garage walls, around your windows, and around your doors that could allow pests in. Fill those cracks in with a strong insulation product, or, more preferably, reinforce those areas by putting in new wood and new frame material to deny the pests covert ways into your garage.

Protect the Perimeter

After you have removed the pests from your garage, you then want to take the necessary steps to keep them out. There are powerful pesticide powders, sprays, and strips that can be placed around the interior and exterior perimeter of your garage that will keep pests out. Read the instructions for each repellent to learn how to properly apply it and how often to replace or replenish it.

Lay Traps

Perimeter products work well, but they are not as foolproof as you would like them to be. That is why you should also lay traps inside your garage, along the interior perimeter, to catch the pests that manage to break through your defenses. Place the traps in areas where they are easy to check visually and easy to access when it comes to cleaning and replacing them. Check your traps often to make sure that you do not leave unwanted pests decomposing in your garage.

Keeping pests out of your garage is an essential part of home maintenance. By utilizing the proper materials and taking the time to thoroughly protect your garage, you will be able to keep out the pests and keep your family safe.

By Alan Bernau Jr

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